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[Qemu-discuss] Serial port communication

From: ftrc81
Subject: [Qemu-discuss] Serial port communication
Date: Thu, 13 Feb 2014 15:08:59 +0100


I use qemu 0.14.0 with Windows 7 as host and as a guest msdos 6.22. 
I use too a FTDI usb 232 converter.
I have an old software that communicates via the serial port at 9600 baud with 
an electronic equipment, and the problem I am having is in time transfer 
between PC and machine. 
The communication takes place by the transmission of a byte, the machine 
responds by confirming that same character (an echo), and so on. 
it works fine, except that by analyzing the communication with a logic 
analyzer, I see between each character sent / received a latency equal to 
character transmitted (eg : 1ms for transmit 1 byte, 1ms waiting, 1ms 
This latency don't exist on real msdos PC.
How is managed the timer on the communication? 

Thank you

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