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[Qemu-discuss] QEMU 1.7.0 hungs when connect ISO via HTTP

From: Dmitry
Subject: [Qemu-discuss] QEMU 1.7.0 hungs when connect ISO via HTTP
Date: Thu, 28 Nov 2013 18:15:31 +0200


I facing with following troubles after upgrade to QEMU 1.7.0 on Debian
6.0.7 (64 bit)

# qemu --version
QEMU emulator version 1.7.0 (Debian 1.7.0+dfsg-1), Copyright (c) 2003-2008 
Fabrice Bellard

When I try connect ISO image from QEMU monitor with

QEMU 1.7.0 monitor - type 'help' for more information
(qemu) change ide1-cd0 'http://iso.vpsnow.ru/windows/7/win7-pro-RU-x86-oem.iso'
(qemu) change ide1-cd0 http://iso.vpsnow.ru/windows/7/win7-pro-RU-x86-oem.iso
change ide1-cd0 http://iso.vpsnow.ru/windows/7/win7-pro-RU-x86-oem.iso

Than  qemu  process  is  hung and does not response anymore.
Only kill -9 can terminate it.

Full command-line I use is:

/usr/bin/qemu -cpu qemu64 -M pc -smp 2 -m 2048 -net 
nic,macaddr=52:11:11:11:34:10 -net tap,ifname=kvm10,script=no,downscript=no 
-monitor tcp:,server,nowait -drive 
file=/kvm/vm/10.img,cache=writeback,aio=native -boot order=dc,menu=on 
-enable-kvm -vnc none -localtime -no-hpet -rtc-td-hack -no-kvm-pit-reinjection 
-daemonize -usb -device usb-tablet,id=input0 -runas kvm -loadvm reboot -name 

Can somebody try  to mount ISO via HTTP in QEMU 1.7.0?


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