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[Qemu-discuss] Networking and vlan

From: Valerio Pachera
Subject: [Qemu-discuss] Networking and vlan
Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2012 16:35:19 +0200

Hi all, I'm trying to figure out how to manage networking in qemu.

I already use qemu-kvm 0.12.5 on debian squeeze.
I have a bridge on eth0 that "connects" the taps of the guests.
-net nic,macaddr=xx.xx.xx.xx.xx.xx -net tap
Now I need something to isolate the guests net from each other.
So I tried to run a guest with
-net nic,macaddr=xx.xx.xx.xx.xx.xx,vlan=2 -net tap,vlan=2
But I can still ping the other guests (and the host).

I know the sintax I used is obsolete. I read this:

May you explain me by simple words how vlan work and what are they usefull for?

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