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[Qemu-discuss] Problem while deleting savevm file.

From: 刘晓逸
Subject: [Qemu-discuss] Problem while deleting savevm file.
Date: Thu, 5 Apr 2012 22:24:01 +0800

Hi, I've got a problem with "delvm".

I'm new in QEMU-KVM. I wanted to remove a save file created by "savevm" days ago. But when I inputted "delvm /home/Eric/Virtual/temp.save", It says that "Error -2 while deleting snapshot on 'ide0-hd1' " . The old save file occupies a large partition, I really want to remove it.

Maybe I forget the name of save file, is there any command to check names of check files?

Oh, I saved the file like this: "savevm /home/Eric/Virtual/temp.save". I am puzzled that there is no file named temp.save in my host(Fedora) directory "/home/Eric/Virtual/",as well as the guest OS(windows xp).

Thank you!

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