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[Qemu-discuss] Doubts about qemu tcg/tci

From: João Corrêa
Subject: [Qemu-discuss] Doubts about qemu tcg/tci
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2012 20:46:48 -0300


I'm trying to read the asm code generated with the -D qemu option, but I am having some difficulties.

First, I've seen that the generated asm is allocated in different address ranges. The beginning of the dump says:

end_code    0x080486dc  
start_code  0x08048000

but the first instruction's address is: 0x6022caf0

Am I misunderstanding something? How exactly this reallocation happens (or where in the source code am I able to track and understand the process)? 

Second, what exactly means the identifying letters of arguments counted in front of each instruction (i, o, c) ? Is it too hard to create a patch on the disassembly function to also output its values?

Third, Is there a trivial way for me to track an original function inside the generated asm dump? I mean, if I create a C function called foo(), that is called somewhere inside the main function, what should I do in order to find the translated instructions inside the outputted dump?

Finally, I've been trying to find material about how this translation works properly, but I've been unable to find much. Is there something I should be reading before asking around here? If yes, please, point me to it!

Thank you for your time. Any help with any question will be very useful to me.

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