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A new qemu acpi test with bios bits

From: Ani Sinha
Subject: A new qemu acpi test with bios bits
Date: Fri, 17 Jun 2022 22:41:32 +0530

Hi :
I am trying to write a new ACPI/smbios test framework that uses bios
bits (https://biosbits.org/ ).
This test will effectively:
(a) use a pre-built bits software zip file kept somewhere (where to
keep is TBD).
(b) unzip it.
(c) add a python based acpi and smbios test script to the unzipped
bits directory.
(d) make an iso out of the directory.
(e) spawn a qemu instance with the iso. The iso is built such that it
runs the acpi/smbios tests in batch mode. After running the test, the
spawned instance is killed automatically (vm shutdown).
(f) Collect the logs the vm has sent out.
(g) look for test failures.

My question is, what framework would be best to achieve the above? I
looked around and it seems closest to the avocado based integration
tests. I do not think it is qtest and qtest backend is not required

Suggestions welcome.

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