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[PATCH v4 for-6.1 00/39] target/arm: enforce alignment

From: Richard Henderson
Subject: [PATCH v4 for-6.1 00/39] target/arm: enforce alignment
Date: Fri, 16 Apr 2021 11:59:29 -0700

Based-on: 20210416183106.1516563-1-richard.henderson@linaro.org
("[PATCH v5 for-6.1 0/9] target/arm mte fixes")

Patches lacking review:

Changes for v4:
  * Rebase on mte fixes and fixup minor conflict.

Changes for v3:
  * Move TBFLAG_{A64,A32,M32,AM32} to tb->cs_base, leaving only
    TBFLAG_ANY in tb->flags.  This solves our current problem of
    running out of bits in tb->flags.
  * Dropped "Enforce alignment for sve unpredicated LDR/STR";
    there are more changes required for SVE.

Changes for v2:
  * Rearranged things a bit, which has made it easy to support
    SCTLR.A/CCR.UNALIGN_TRAP.  At least for non-sve code, where
    we issue tcg load/store operations.  Predicated sve load/stores
    will require more work within the helpers.


Richard Henderson (30):
  target/arm: Fix decode of align in VLDST_single
  target/arm: Rename TBFLAG_A32, SCTLR_B
  target/arm: Rename TBFLAG_ANY, PSTATE_SS
  target/arm: Add wrapper macros for accessing tbflags
  target/arm: Introduce CPUARMTBFlags
  target/arm: Move mode specific TB flags to tb->cs_base
  target/arm: Move TBFLAG_AM32 bits to the top
  target/arm: Move TBFLAG_ANY bits to the bottom
  target/arm: Add ALIGN_MEM to TBFLAG_ANY
  target/arm: Adjust gen_aa32_{ld,st}_i32 for align+endianness
  target/arm: Merge gen_aa32_frob64 into gen_aa32_ld_i64
  target/arm: Fix SCTLR_B test for TCGv_i64 load/store
  target/arm: Adjust gen_aa32_{ld,st}_i64 for align+endianness
  target/arm: Enforce word alignment for LDRD/STRD
  target/arm: Enforce alignment for LDA/LDAH/STL/STLH
  target/arm: Enforce alignment for LDM/STM
  target/arm: Enforce alignment for RFE
  target/arm: Enforce alignment for SRS
  target/arm: Enforce alignment for VLDM/VSTM
  target/arm: Enforce alignment for VLDR/VSTR
  target/arm: Enforce alignment for VLDn (all lanes)
  target/arm: Enforce alignment for VLDn/VSTn (multiple)
  target/arm: Enforce alignment for VLDn/VSTn (single)
  target/arm: Use finalize_memop for aa64 gpr load/store
  target/arm: Use finalize_memop for aa64 fpr load/store
  target/arm: Enforce alignment for aa64 load-acq/store-rel
  target/arm: Use MemOp for size + endian in aa64 vector ld/st
  target/arm: Enforce alignment for aa64 vector LDn/STn (multiple)
  target/arm: Enforce alignment for aa64 vector LDn/STn (single)
  target/arm: Enforce alignment for sve LD1R

 target/arm/cpu.h                | 105 ++++++++-----
 target/arm/translate.h          |  38 +++++
 target/arm/neon-ls.decode       |   4 +-
 target/arm/helper-a64.c         |   2 +-
 target/arm/helper.c             | 160 +++++++++++---------
 target/arm/translate-a64.c      | 214 +++++++++++++-------------
 target/arm/translate-sve.c      |   2 +-
 target/arm/translate.c          | 258 +++++++++++++++++---------------
 target/arm/translate-neon.c.inc | 117 ++++++++++++---
 target/arm/translate-vfp.c.inc  |  20 +--
 10 files changed, 555 insertions(+), 365 deletions(-)


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