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[PULL for-6.0 1/2] hw/block/nvme: remove description for zoned.append_si

From: Klaus Jensen
Subject: [PULL for-6.0 1/2] hw/block/nvme: remove description for zoned.append_size_limit
Date: Mon, 5 Apr 2021 19:34:34 +0200

From: Niklas Cassel <niklas.cassel@wdc.com>

The description was originally removed in commit 578d914b263c
("hw/block/nvme: align zoned.zasl with mdts") together with the removal
of the zoned.append_size_limit parameter itself.

However, it was (most likely accidentally), re-added in commit
f7dcd31885cb ("hw/block/nvme: add non-mdts command size limit for verify").

Remove the description again, since the parameter it describes,
zoned.append_size_limit, no longer exists.

Signed-off-by: Niklas Cassel <niklas.cassel@wdc.com>
Signed-off-by: Klaus Jensen <k.jensen@samsung.com>
 hw/block/nvme.c | 8 --------
 1 file changed, 8 deletions(-)

diff --git a/hw/block/nvme.c b/hw/block/nvme.c
index c54ec3c9523c..08c204d46c43 100644
--- a/hw/block/nvme.c
+++ b/hw/block/nvme.c
@@ -91,14 +91,6 @@
  *   the minimum memory page size (CAP.MPSMIN). The default value is 0 (i.e.
  *   defaulting to the value of `mdts`).
- * - `zoned.append_size_limit`
- *   The maximum I/O size in bytes that is allowed in Zone Append command.
- *   The default is 128KiB. Since internally this this value is maintained as
- *   ZASL = log2(<maximum append size> / <page size>), some values assigned
- *   to this property may be rounded down and result in a lower maximum ZA
- *   data size being in effect. By setting this property to 0, users can make
- *   ZASL to be equal to MDTS. This property only affects zoned namespaces.
- *
  * nvme namespace device parameters
  * ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  * - `subsys`

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