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[PATCH 23/27] arcv3: BCR and AUX register changes

From: cupertinomiranda
Subject: [PATCH 23/27] arcv3: BCR and AUX register changes
Date: Mon, 5 Apr 2021 15:31:34 +0100

From: Cupertino Miranda <cmiranda@synopsys.com>

 target/arc/regs-detail.def | 40 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 target/arc/regs-impl.c     |  5 +++++
 target/arc/regs.def        | 20 +++++++++++++++++++
 3 files changed, 65 insertions(+)

diff --git a/target/arc/regs-detail.def b/target/arc/regs-detail.def
index 6f0cc94809..48b26d6cb0 100644
--- a/target/arc/regs-detail.def
+++ b/target/arc/regs-detail.def
@@ -39,8 +39,10 @@ DEF(0xa,   ARC_OPCODE_ARCALL,  NONE, status32)
 DEF(0xb,   ARC_OPCODE_ARCV2,   NONE, status32_p0)
 DEF(0xc,   ARC_OPCODE_ARCv2EM, NONE, sec_extra)
 DEF(0xd,   ARC_OPCODE_ARCV2,   NONE, aux_user_sp)
+DEF(0xd,   ARC_OPCODE_V3_ALL,  NONE, aux_user_sp)
 DEF(0xe,   ARC_OPCODE_ARC700,  NONE, clk_enable)
 DEF(0xe,   ARC_OPCODE_ARCV2,   NONE, aux_irq_ctrl)
+DEF(0xe,   ARC_OPCODE_V3_ALL,  NONE, aux_irq_ctrl)
 DEF(0xf,   ARC_OPCODE_ARC700,  NONE, bpu_flush)
 DEF(0xf,   ARC_OPCODE_ARCv2HS, NONE, debugi)
 DEF(0x10,  ARC_OPCODE_ARCV1,   NONE, ivic)
@@ -75,6 +77,7 @@ DEF(0x23,  ARC_OPCODE_ARCALL,  NONE, limit0)
 DEF(0x24,  ARC_OPCODE_ARCV1,   NONE, pcport)
 DEF(0x25,  ARC_OPCODE_ARC700,  NONE, int_vector_base)
 DEF(0x25,  ARC_OPCODE_ARCV2,   NONE, int_vector_base)
+DEF(0x25,  ARC_OPCODE_V3_ALL,  NONE, int_vector_base)
 DEF(0x26,  ARC_OPCODE_ARC600,  NONE, aux_vbfdw_mode)
 DEF(0x27,  ARC_OPCODE_ARC600,  NONE, aux_vbfdw_bm0)
 DEF(0x28,  ARC_OPCODE_ARC600,  NONE, aux_vbfdw_bm1)
@@ -116,6 +119,7 @@ DEF(0x41,  ARC_OPCODE_ARCV1,   NONE, aux_macmode)
 DEF(0x42,  ARC_OPCODE_ARC600,  NONE, lsp_newval)
 DEF(0x43,  ARC_OPCODE_ARCV1,   NONE, aux_irq_lv12)
 DEF(0x43,  ARC_OPCODE_ARCV2,   NONE, aux_irq_act)
+DEF(0x43,  ARC_OPCODE_V3_ALL,  NONE, aux_irq_act)
 DEF(0x44,  ARC_OPCODE_ARCV1,   NONE, aux_xmac0)
 DEF(0x45,  ARC_OPCODE_ARCV1,   NONE, aux_xmac1)
 DEF(0x46,  ARC_OPCODE_ARCV1,   NONE, aux_xmac2)
@@ -126,7 +130,9 @@ DEF(0x4a,  ARC_OPCODE_ARCALL,  NONE, dc_ivdl)
 DEF(0x4b,  ARC_OPCODE_ARCALL,  NONE, dc_flsh)
 DEF(0x4c,  ARC_OPCODE_ARCALL,  NONE, dc_fldl)
 DEF(0x4d,  ARC_OPCODE_ARCV2,   NONE, dc_startr)
+DEF(0x4d,  ARC_OPCODE_V3_ALL,  NONE, dc_startr)
 DEF(0x4e,  ARC_OPCODE_ARCV2,   NONE, dc_endr)
+DEF(0x4e,  ARC_OPCODE_V3_ALL,  NONE, dc_endr)
 DEF(0x50,  ARC_OPCODE_NONE,    NONE, hexdata)
 DEF(0x51,  ARC_OPCODE_NONE,    NONE, hexctrl)
 DEF(0x52,  ARC_OPCODE_NONE,    NONE, led)
@@ -191,13 +197,17 @@ DEF(0x100, ARC_OPCODE_ARCALL,  NONE, count1)
 DEF(0x101, ARC_OPCODE_ARCALL,  NONE, control1)
 DEF(0x102, ARC_OPCODE_ARCALL,  NONE, limit1)
 DEF(0x103, ARC_OPCODE_ARCV2,   NONE, aux_rtc_ctrl)
+DEF(0x103, ARC_OPCODE_V3_ALL,  NONE, aux_rtc_ctrl)
 DEF(0x104, ARC_OPCODE_ARCV2,   NONE, aux_rtc_low)
+DEF(0x104, ARC_OPCODE_V3_ALL,  NONE, aux_rtc_low)
 DEF(0x105, ARC_OPCODE_ARCV2,   NONE, aux_rtc_high)
+DEF(0x105, ARC_OPCODE_V3_ALL,  NONE, aux_rtc_high)
 DEF(0x200, ARC_OPCODE_ARCV1,   NONE, aux_irq_lev)
 DEF(0x200, ARC_OPCODE_ARCV2,   NONE, irq_priority_pending)
 DEF(0x201, ARC_OPCODE_ARCALL,  NONE, aux_irq_hint)
 DEF(0x202, ARC_OPCODE_ARC600,  NONE, aux_inter_core_interrupt)
 DEF(0x206, ARC_OPCODE_ARCV2,   NONE, irq_priority)
+DEF(0x206, ARC_OPCODE_V3_ALL,  NONE, irq_priority)
 DEF(0x210, ARC_OPCODE_ARC700,  NONE, aes_aux_0)
 DEF(0x211, ARC_OPCODE_ARC700,  NONE, aes_aux_1)
 DEF(0x212, ARC_OPCODE_ARC700,  NONE, aes_aux_2)
@@ -273,10 +283,15 @@ DEF(0x408, ARC_OPCODE_ARC700,  NONE, tlbcommand)
 DEF(0x409, ARC_OPCODE_ARC700,  NONE, pid)
 DEF(0x409, ARC_OPCODE_ARCALL,  NONE, mpuen)
 DEF(0x40a, ARC_OPCODE_ARCV2,   NONE, icause)
+DEF(0x40a, ARC_OPCODE_V3_ALL,  NONE, icause)
 DEF(0x40b, ARC_OPCODE_ARCV2,   NONE, irq_select)
+DEF(0x40b, ARC_OPCODE_V3_ALL,  NONE, irq_select)
 DEF(0x40c, ARC_OPCODE_ARCV2,   NONE, irq_enable)
+DEF(0x40c, ARC_OPCODE_V3_ALL,  NONE, irq_enable)
 DEF(0x40d, ARC_OPCODE_ARCV2,   NONE, irq_trigger)
+DEF(0x40d, ARC_OPCODE_V3_ALL,  NONE, irq_trigger)
 DEF(0x40f, ARC_OPCODE_ARCV2,   NONE, irq_status)
+DEF(0x40f, ARC_OPCODE_V3_ALL,  NONE, irq_status)
 DEF(0x413, ARC_OPCODE_ARC700,  NONE, bta_l1)
@@ -497,12 +512,17 @@ DEF(0xff, ARC_OPCODE_DEFAULT,  NONE, unimp_bcr)
 /* Actual BCR implementations */
 DEF(0x6d, ARC_OPCODE_ARCv2HS, NONE, mpu_build)
+DEF(0x6d, ARC_OPCODE_V3_ALL,  NONE, mpu_build)
 DEF(0x6f, ARC_OPCODE_ARCv2HS, NONE, mmu_build)
 DEF(0x75, ARC_OPCODE_ARCALL, NONE, timer_build)
 DEF(0xf3, ARC_OPCODE_ARCV2,  NONE, irq_build)
+DEF(0xf3, ARC_OPCODE_V3_ALL, NONE, irq_build)
 DEF(0x72, ARC_OPCODE_ARCV2,  NONE, d_cache_build)
+DEF(0x72, ARC_OPCODE_V3_ALL, NONE, d_cache_build)
 DEF(0x77, ARC_OPCODE_ARCV2,  NONE, i_cache_build)
+DEF(0x77, ARC_OPCODE_V3_ALL, NONE, i_cache_build)
 DEF(0x7b, ARC_OPCODE_ARCV2,  NONE, mpy_build)
+DEF(0x7b, ARC_OPCODE_V3_ALL, NONE, mpy_build)
 /* OLD BCR definitions */
@@ -538,3 +558,23 @@ DEF (0xfc,  ARC_OPCODE_ARCALL,  NONE, vlc_build)
 DEF (0xfd,  ARC_OPCODE_ARCALL,  NONE, simd_dma_build)
 DEF (0xfe,  ARC_OPCODE_ARCALL,  NONE, ifetch_queue_build)
+/* ARCV3 definitions. */
+DEF (0x7,   ARC_OPCODE_V3_ALL,   NONE, memseg)
+DEF (0x16,  ARC_OPCODE_V3_ALL,   NONE, ic_ivir)
+DEF (0x17,  ARC_OPCODE_V3_ALL,   NONE, ic_endr)
+DEF (0x460, ARC_OPCODE_V3_ALL,   NONE, mmu_rtp0)
+DEF (0x461, ARC_OPCODE_V3_ALL,   NONE, mmu_rtp0hi)
+DEF (0x462, ARC_OPCODE_V3_ALL,   NONE, mmu_rtp1)
+DEF (0x463, ARC_OPCODE_V3_ALL,   NONE, mmu_rtp1hi)
+DEF (0x464, ARC_OPCODE_V3_ALL,   NONE, tlbindex)
+DEF (0x465, ARC_OPCODE_V3_ALL,   NONE, mmuv6_tlbcommand)
+DEF (0x466, ARC_OPCODE_V3_ALL,   NONE, mmu_tlb_data0)
+DEF (0x467, ARC_OPCODE_V3_ALL,   NONE, mmu_tlb_data1)
+DEF (0x468, ARC_OPCODE_V3_ALL,   NONE, mmu_ctrl)
+DEF (0x469, ARC_OPCODE_V3_ALL,   NONE, mmu_ttbcr)
+DEF (0x46a, ARC_OPCODE_V3_ALL,   NONE, mmu_mem_attr)
+DEF (0x46b, ARC_OPCODE_V3_ALL,   NONE, mmu_fault_status)
+DEF (0xc1,  ARC_OPCODE_V3_ALL,   NONE, isa_config)
+DEF (0x6f,  ARC_OPCODE_V3_ALL,   NONE, mmuv6_build)
diff --git a/target/arc/regs-impl.c b/target/arc/regs-impl.c
index 18a307fdc4..d7ae57e8cf 100644
--- a/target/arc/regs-impl.c
+++ b/target/arc/regs-impl.c
@@ -46,6 +46,11 @@ static target_ulong get_identity(CPUARCState *env)
         arcver = 0x54;
+    /* TODO: Add V3/ARC32. */
+    case ARC_OPCODE_V3_ARC64:
+        arcver = 0x70;
+        break;
         arcver = 0;
diff --git a/target/arc/regs.def b/target/arc/regs.def
index 5dc3764266..9c0e81d884 100644
--- a/target/arc/regs.def
+++ b/target/arc/regs.def
@@ -410,3 +410,23 @@ AUX_REG (xylsbasey, NULL, NULL)
 AUX_REG (aux_rtc_ctrl, aux_timer_get, aux_timer_set)
 AUX_REG (aux_rtc_low, aux_timer_get, aux_timer_set)
 AUX_REG (aux_rtc_high, aux_timer_get, aux_timer_set)
+/* ARCV3 specific registers. */
+AUX_REG (mmuv6_build, arc_mmuv6_aux_get, NULL)
+AUX_REG (mmuv6_tlbcommand,  arc_mmuv6_aux_get, arc_mmuv6_aux_set)
+AUX_REG (mmu_ctrl, arc_mmuv6_aux_get, arc_mmuv6_aux_set)
+AUX_REG (mmu_, arc_mmuv6_aux_get, arc_mmuv6_aux_set)
+AUX_REG (mmu_rtp0, arc_mmuv6_aux_get, arc_mmuv6_aux_set)
+AUX_REG (mmu_rtp0hi, arc_mmuv6_aux_get, arc_mmuv6_aux_set)
+AUX_REG (mmu_rtp1, arc_mmuv6_aux_get, arc_mmuv6_aux_set)
+AUX_REG (mmu_rtp1hi, arc_mmuv6_aux_get, arc_mmuv6_aux_set)
+AUX_REG (mmu_ttbcr, arc_mmuv6_aux_get, arc_mmuv6_aux_set)
+AUX_REG (mmu_tlb_data0, arc_mmuv6_aux_get, arc_mmuv6_aux_set)
+AUX_REG (mmu_tlb_data1, arc_mmuv6_aux_get, arc_mmuv6_aux_set)
+AUX_REG (mmu_fault_status, arc_mmuv6_aux_get, arc_mmuv6_aux_set)
+AUX_REG (mmu_mem_attr, arc_mmuv6_aux_get, arc_mmuv6_aux_set)

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