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Bug: fstenv is wrongly implemented

From: Ziqiao Kong
Subject: Bug: fstenv is wrongly implemented
Date: Fri, 2 Apr 2021 16:29:38 +0800

Hello everyone,

I am an active maintainer of Unicorn engine
(https://github.com/unicorn-engine). During my development, I found
that the fstenv implementation in qemu upstream is incorrect.

Below is the code snippet from target/i386/tcg/fpu_helper.c

> cpu_stl_data_ra(env, ptr, env->fpuc, retaddr);
> cpu_stl_data_ra(env, ptr + 4, fpus, retaddr);
> cpu_stl_data_ra(env, ptr + 8, fptag, retaddr);
> cpu_stl_data_ra(env, ptr + 12, 0, retaddr); /* fpip */
> cpu_stl_data_ra(env, ptr + 16, 0, retaddr); /* fpcs */
> cpu_stl_data_ra(env, ptr + 20, 0, retaddr); /* fpoo */
> cpu_stl_data_ra(env, ptr + 24, 0, retaddr); /* fpos */

The value of fpip is wrongly set to 0, which should be env->fpip at
least I think. In real-world usage, the fstenv is often used to obtain
the current eip value from the FIP field in shellcode.

According to git blame, this bug is introduced about 13 years ago:

We also had a patch for this bug:
which you may refer to. I can also help draft a patch if necessary.

I'm pretty new to qemu-devel mail list and sorry for any violation of
your convention. Thanks in advance!


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