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Re: [PATCH 0/6] hw/block/nvme: zoned misc fixes

From: Klaus Jensen
Subject: Re: [PATCH 0/6] hw/block/nvme: zoned misc fixes
Date: Mon, 18 Jan 2021 06:58:01 +0100

On Jan 18 03:35, Dmitry Fomichev wrote:
> On Mon, 2021-01-11 at 13:32 +0100, Klaus Jensen wrote:
> > From: Klaus Jensen <k.jensen@samsung.com>
> Klaus,
> This series looks good to me. I've made a comment in "zero out zones on reset"
> patch, but it is only cosmetic in nature. I am going to send a patch
> with another small fix in ZNS code.
> Best regards,
> Dmitry
> Tested-by: Dmitry Fomichev <dmitry.fomichev@wdc.com>
> Reviewed-by: Dmitry Fomichev <dmitry.fomichev@wdc.com>

Thanks for the review AND testing! :)

Applying to nvme-next!

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