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Re: [PATCH v1 0/4] vhost-vdpa: add support for configure interrupt

From: Jason Wang
Subject: Re: [PATCH v1 0/4] vhost-vdpa: add support for configure interrupt
Date: Thu, 14 Jan 2021 12:35:56 +0800
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On 2021/1/13 下午11:45, Cindy Lu wrote:
Add configure interrupt support in vdpa_vhost. qemu will use the irqfd
process to support this feature.

These code are all tested in vp-vdpa (support configure interrupt)
vdpa_sim (not support configure interrupt)

Cindy Lu (4):
   virtio:add support in configure interrupt
   virtio-pci:add support for configure interrupt

If possible, I would like to add the MMIO support for this.

One great advantage of vDPA is that it can avoid to expose a PCI device for guest.


   vhost_net:enable configure interrupt when vhost_net start
   vhost-vdpa:add callback function for configure interrupt

  hw/net/vhost_net.c                | 19 ++++++-
  hw/virtio/trace-events            |  2 +
  hw/virtio/vhost-vdpa.c            | 29 +++++++++-
  hw/virtio/virtio-pci.c            | 93 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  hw/virtio/virtio.c                | 25 +++++++++
  include/hw/virtio/vhost-backend.h |  4 ++
  include/hw/virtio/virtio-bus.h    |  2 +
  include/hw/virtio/virtio.h        |  5 ++
  8 files changed, 177 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

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