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Re: [RFC PATCH] ci: ensure that all jobs use a shallow clone

From: Thomas Huth
Subject: Re: [RFC PATCH] ci: ensure that all jobs use a shallow clone
Date: Thu, 7 Jan 2021 20:05:22 +0100
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On 07/01/2021 19.28, Daniel P. Berrangé wrote:
Travis has issues with git cloning and concurrent pushes.

eg if you push branch A, it schedules a CI job. Then you
push branch B before jobs for A have started.

When the job for A starts, it will be unable to checkout
the commit for branch A's merge because the history will
be too shallow.

I think we have to get rid of travis.yml soon anyway, since they changed their business model, and soon it won't be possible anymore to use it for QEMU. travis-ci.org is getting decommissioned and on travis-ci.com you can only get free CI minutes for non-sponsored FOSS projects.
So let's simply not worry about Travis-CI anymore.

  .cirrus.yml              | 1 +
  .gitlab-ci.yml           | 3 +++
  .shippable.yml           | 2 ++

Maybe we could rather disable shippable now that we support the cross container builds on gitlab-ci, too?


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