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[Bug 1905356] Re: No check for unaligned data access in ARM32 instructio

From: JIANG Muhui
Subject: [Bug 1905356] Re: No check for unaligned data access in ARM32 instructions
Date: Wed, 25 Nov 2020 03:35:14 -0000

Thanks for confirmation.

Btw: I was wondering why the fix will only apply to system mode rather
than user-only mode. Unaligned data access is not permitted in user
level programs, either.

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  No check for unaligned data access in ARM32 instructions

Status in QEMU:

Bug description:

  According to the ARM documentation, there are alignment requirements
  of load/store instructions.  Alignment fault should be raised if the
  alignment check is failed. However, it seems that QEMU doesn't
  implement this, which is against the documentation of ARM. For
  example, the instruction LDRD/STRD/LDREX/STREX must check the address
  is word alignment no matter what value the SCTLR.A is.

  I attached a testcase, which contains an instruction at VA 0x10240:
  ldrd r0,[pc.#1] in the main function. QEMU can successfully load the
  data in the unaligned address. The test is done in QEMU 5.1.0. I can
  provide more testcases for the other instructions if you need. Many

  To patch this, we need a check while we translate the instruction to
  tcg. If the address is unaligned, a signal number (i.e., SIGBUS)
  should be raised.


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