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[Bug 1903470] Re: qemu 5.1.0: Add UNIX socket support for netdev socket

From: Mark Karpelès
Subject: [Bug 1903470] Re: qemu 5.1.0: Add UNIX socket support for netdev socket
Date: Wed, 18 Nov 2020 11:49:17 -0000

Thanks for the response. I'm not sure, how would I run qemu with a fd=
socketpair on the command line?

The wiki (https://wiki.qemu.org/index.php/Documentation/Networking)
suggests for example to use:

-netdev socket,id=mynet0,listen=:1234
-netdev socket,id=mynet0,connect=:1234

This would allow however anyone on the same network (or in the world if
run on a server) to connect to this network and possibly do bad things.
Using localhost binding helps but is still risky if there is more than
one user on a given machine. Using something like:

-netdev socket,id=mynet0,listen=~/.qemu-netsocket
-netdev socket,id=mynet0,connect=~/.qemu-netsocket

How would one do that with fd= ?

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  qemu 5.1.0: Add UNIX socket support for netdev socket

Status in QEMU:

Bug description:
  Note: this is a feature request.

  qemu has a way to connect instances using a socket:

  -netdev socket,id=str[,fd=h][,listen=[host]:port][,connect=host:port]

  This can also be used to connect a qemu instance to something else
  using a socket connection, however there is no authentication or
  security to the connection, so rather than using a port which can be
  accessed by any user on the machine, having the ability to use or
  connect to UNIX sockets would be helpful, and adding this option
  should be fairly trivial.

  UNIX sockets can be found in various parts of qemu (monitor, etc) so I
  believe having this on network would make sense.

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