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[ANNOUNCE] QEMU 5.2.0-rc1 is now available

From: Michael Roth
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] QEMU 5.2.0-rc1 is now available
Date: Tue, 10 Nov 2020 17:50:38 -0600
User-agent: alot/0.9


On behalf of the QEMU Team, I'd like to announce the availability of the
second release candidate for the QEMU 5.2 release.  This release is meant
for testing purposes and should not be used in a production environment.


You can help improve the quality of the QEMU 5.2 release by testing this
release and reporting bugs on Launchpad:


The release plan, as well a documented known issues for release
candidates, are available at:


Please add entries to the ChangeLog for the 5.2 release below:


Thank you to everyone involved!

Changes since rc0:

c6f28ed507: Update version for v5.2.0-rc1 release (Peter Maydell)
b6c56c8a9a: target/arm/translate-neon.c: Handle VTBL UNDEF case before VFP 
access check (Peter Maydell)
8006c9842b: tests/qtest/npcm7xx_rng-test: count runs properly (Havard 
0e5dc77573: hw/arm/nseries: Check return value from load_image_targphys() 
(Peter Maydell)
44cbf34975: hw/arm/musicpal: Only use qdev_get_gpio_in() when necessary 
(Philippe Mathieu-Daudé)
498661dd22: hw/arm/musicpal: Don't connect two qemu_irqs directly to the same 
input (Philippe Mathieu-Daudé)
bdad3654d3: hw/arm/nseries: Remove invalid/unnecessary n8x0_uart_setup() 
(Philippe Mathieu-Daudé)
2108e5092a: hw/misc/stm32f2xx_syscfg: Remove extraneous IRQ (Philippe 
509602eed4: hw/arm/armsse: Correct expansion MPC interrupt lines (Philippe 
604cef3e57: target/arm: Fix neon VTBL/VTBX for len > 1 (Richard Henderson)
bec3c97e0c: hw/arm/virt: Remove dependency on Cortex-A15 MPCore peripherals 
(Philippe Mathieu-Daudé)
0339c2a86f: docs: add some notes on the sbsa-ref machine (Alex Bennée)
7f350a87e3: target/arm: add space before the open parenthesis '(' (Xinhao Zhang)
6eb55edbab: target/arm: Don't use '#' flag of printf format (Xinhao Zhang)
bdc3b6f570: target/arm: add spaces around operator (Xinhao Zhang)
9df0a97298: ssi: Fix bad printf format specifiers (AlexChen)
9ad5f6b05f: hw/arm/Kconfig: ARM_V7M depends on PTIMER (Andrew Jones)
a58cabd0e3: s390x: Avoid variable size warning in ipl.h (Daniele Buono)
074df27f74: s390x: fix clang 11 warnings in cpu_models.c (Daniele Buono)
ad57e2b1f5: qtest: Update references to parse_escape() in comments (Peter 
d4e279141b: fuzz: add virtio-blk fuzz target (Dima Stepanov)
704a256da8: docs: add "page source" link to sphinx documentation (Daniel P. 
d0f26e68a0: gitlab: force enable docs build in Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian (Daniel 
P. Berrangé)
4daa9055be: gitlab: publish the docs built during CI (Daniel P. Berrangé)
2deca810d8: configure: surface deprecated targets in the help output (Alex 
aba378dee6: fuzz: Make fork_fuzz.ld compatible with LLVM's LLD (Daniele Buono)
bb451d2487: scripts/oss-fuzz: give all fuzzers -target names (Alexander Bulekov)
e6a3e1322b: docs/fuzz: update fuzzing documentation post-meson (Alexander 
f3a0208f24: docs/fuzz: rST-ify the fuzzing documentation (Alexander Bulekov)
3758e88bb8: MAINTAINERS: Add gitlab-pipeline-status script to GitLab CI section 
(Philippe Mathieu-Daudé)
c3ab5df2f5: linux-user/sparc: Don't zero high half of PC, NPC, PSR in sigreturn 
(Peter Maydell)
266b41582e: linux-user/sparc: Correct set/get_context handling of fp and i7 
(Peter Maydell)
b8ae597f0e: linux-user/sparc: Fix errors in target_ucontext structures (Peter 
96338fefc1: hw/intc/ibex_plic: Clear the claim register when read (Alistair 
7687537ab0: target/riscv: Split the Hypervisor execute load helpers (Alistair 
743077b35b: target/riscv: Remove the hyp load and store functions (Alistair 
1c1c060aa8: target/riscv: Remove the HS_TWO_STAGE flag (Alistair Francis)
3e5979046f: target/riscv: Set the virtualised MMU mode when doing hyp accesses 
(Alistair Francis)
c445593d30: target/riscv: Add a virtualised MMU Mode (Alistair Francis)
b1b9ab1c04: qga: fix missing closedir() in qmp_guest_get_disks() (Michael Roth)
d669ed6ab0: block: make bdrv_drop_intermediate() less wrong (Vladimir 
313274bbd4: block: add bdrv_replace_node_common() (Vladimir Sementsov-Ogievskiy)
6c5f7b3a10: block: add forgotten bdrv_abort_perm_update() to 
bdrv_co_invalidate_cache() (Vladimir Sementsov-Ogievskiy)
5f14f31d2b: block: Fix some code style problems, "foo* bar" should be "foo 
*bar" (shiliyang)
7433a6860b: gitlab-ci: Drop generic cache rule (Philippe Mathieu-Daudé)
dccaea2514: tests/qtest/tpm: Remove redundant check in the 
tpm_test_swtpm_test() (AlexChen)
3dc057923d: qtest: Fix bad printf format specifiers (AlexChen)
8a47836548: device-crash-test: Check if path is actually an executable file 
(Eduardo Habkost)
45716765b1: tests/vm: update openbsd to release 6.8 (Brad Smith)
a3f6be81aa: meson: always include contrib/libvhost-user (Stefan Hajnoczi)
122860bae7: block: Fix integer promotion error in bdrv_getlength() (Eric Blake)
7c5c538306: block: enable libnfs on msys2/mingw in cirrus.yml (Yonggang Luo)
c63b0201ae: block: Fixes nfs compiling error on msys2/mingw (Yonggang Luo)
c6ac463631: iotests: rewrite iotest 240 in python (Maxim Levitsky)
2daba44205: iotests: add filter_qmp_virtio_scsi function (Maxim Levitsky)
73ad0ff216: hw/block/nvme: fix free of array-typed value (Klaus Jensen)
bf288953f1: hw/block/nvme: fix uint16_t use of uint32_t sgls member (Klaus 
8ce648056f: hw/block/nvme: fix null ns in register namespace (Klaus Jensen)
3441ad4bc4: qcow2: Document and enforce the QCowL2Meta invariants (Alberto 
009cde17a5: block: Move bdrv_drain_all_end_quiesce() to block_int.h (Greg Kurz)
3d86af858e: block: Remove unused include (AlexChen)
143d51e179: block: Remove unused BlockDeviceMapEntry (Markus Armbruster)
ffb515fa50: qapi/block-core: Improve MapEntry documentation (Max Reitz)
a1d12a2148: qapi: Fix missing headers in QMP Reference Manual (Markus 
92a3c6aac8: MAINTAINERS: Add QAPI schema modules to their subsystems (Markus 
c4cdf54cff: docs/devel/qapi-code-gen: Fix up examples (Markus Armbruster)
60f6de8fba: hw/rx/rx-gdbsim: Fix memory leak (CID 1432307) (Philippe 
f166061c73: MAINTAINERS: Demote Renesas target & hardware to 'Odd Fixes' 
(Philippe Mathieu-Daudé)
bf4ee88ab6: hw/mips/boston: Fix memory leak in boston_fdt_filter() 
error-handling paths (Peter Maydell)
d40b55bc1b: target/mips: Fix PageMask with variable page size (Jiaxun Yang)
a60442eb8d: target/mips: Deprecate nanoMIPS ISA (Philippe Mathieu-Daudé)
e6b99460b1: hw/9pfs: Fix Kconfig dependency problem between 9pfs and Xen 
(Philippe Mathieu-Daudé)
22e1367587: hw/9pfs : add space before the open parenthesis '(' (Xinhao Zhang)
487729e9f6: hw/9pfs : open brace '{' following struct go on the same line 
(Xinhao Zhang)
01011733ea: hw/9pfs : add spaces around operator (Xinhao Zhang)
77280d33bc: s390x: fix build for --without-default-devices (Cornelia Huck)
5e49e89cb6: target/s390x: fix execution with icount (Pavel Dovgalyuk)
f29b959dc6: spapr: Convert hpt_prepare_thread() to use qemu_try_memalign() 
(Greg Kurz)
184b813e7b: spapr: Drop dead code in spapr_reallocate_hpt() (Greg Kurz)
295397f53c: target/ppc/excp_helper: Add a fallthrough for fix compiler warning 
(Chen Qun)
022625a8ad: linux-user: Check copy_from_user() return value in vma_dump_size() 
(Peter Maydell)
e4ce178b61: linux-user/syscall: Fix missing target_to_host_timespec64() check 
(Alistair Francis)
36d2dbc72d: linux-user: Use "!= 0" when checking if MAP_FIXED_NOREPLACE is 
non-zero (Peter Maydell)
81966c1801: linux-user/mips/cpu_loop: silence the compiler warnings (Chen Qun)
c56caea3b2: tcg: Revert "tcg/optimize: Flush data at labels not TCG_OPF_BB_END" 
(Richard Henderson)
f14bed3fd4: tcg: Remove assert from set_jmp_reset_offset (Richard Henderson)
372bcb2585: qapi, qemu-options: make all parsing visitors parse boolean options 
the same (Paolo Bonzini)
e27bd49876: qtest: escape device name in device-introspect-test (Paolo Bonzini)
794b95608f: ivshmem-test: do not use short-form boolean option (Paolo Bonzini)
5e592947de: pc-bios/s390: update s390-ccw bios binaries (Cornelia Huck)
872882e771: s390-bios: Skip writing iplb location to low core for ccw ipl 
(Jason J. Herne)
577b808b09: roms/Makefile: Add qboot to .PHONY list (Bruce Rogers)
ca1f9cbfdc: ati: check x y display parameter values (Prasad J Pandit)
2ddafce7f7: vnc: fix resource leak when websocket channel error (Ding Hui)
0d9b90ce5c: console: make QMP/HMP screendump run in coroutine (Marc-André 
d00ec2fe86: console: modify ppm_save to take a pixman image ref (Marc-André 
e18d9a9687: coroutine: let CoQueue wake up outside a coroutine (Marc-André 
963a7bed57: dev-serial: store flow control and xon/xoff characters (Mark 
a79f86cdbe: dev-serial: add support for setting data_bits in 
QEMUSerialSetParams (Mark Cave-Ayland)
66007a9567: dev-serial: add always-plugged property to ensure USB device is 
always attached (Mark Cave-Ayland)
687dfe63e3: dev-serial: replace DeviceOutVendor/DeviceInVendor with equivalent 
macros from usb.h (Mark Cave-Ayland)
655ec806c8: dev-serial: add trace-events for baud rate and data parameters 
(Mark Cave-Ayland)
ebb1132023: dev-serial: convert from DPRINTF to trace-events (Mark Cave-Ayland)
8a0e4ee704: dev-serial: use USB_SERIAL QOM macro for USBSerialState assignments 
(Mark Cave-Ayland)
adab8d48cf: dev-serial: style changes to improve readability and checkpatch 
fixes (Mark Cave-Ayland)
9f6df01d0e: contrib/vhost-user-blk: fix get_config() information leak (Stefan 
f8ffcb2bda: block/export: fix vhost-user-blk get_config() information leak 
(Stefan Hajnoczi)
11f60f7eae: block/export: make vhost-user-blk config space little-endian 
(Stefan Hajnoczi)
bc15e44cb2: configure: introduce --enable-vhost-user-blk-server (Stefan 
de65d49785: libvhost-user: follow QEMU comment style (Stefan Hajnoczi)
1b0063b304: vhost-blk: set features before setting inflight feature (Jin Yu)
b7c1bd9d78: Revert "vhost-blk: set features before setting inflight feature" 
(Stefan Hajnoczi)
1bc211a166: net: Add vhost-vdpa in show_netdevs() (Cindy Lu)
57b3a7d81b: vhost-vdpa: Add qemu_close in vhost_vdpa_cleanup (Cindy Lu)
1b296c3def: vfio: Don't issue full 2^64 unmap (Jean-Philippe Brucker)
e19c520fe6: semihosting: fix order of initialization functions (Paolo Bonzini)
953e6d7c0e: fuzz: fuzz offsets within pio/mmio regions (Alexander Bulekov)
cc3d99c741: fuzz: check the MR in the DMA callback (Alexander Bulekov)
a9f67c1d51: fuzz: fix writing DMA patterns (Alexander Bulekov)
8a805609d1: target/mips: Add unaligned access support for MIPS64R6 and 
Loongson-3 (Huacai Chen)
89975214e6: target/mips: Fix Lesser GPL version number (Chetan Pant)
a300c04f13: hw/intc/loongson: Fix incorrect 'core' calculation in 
liointc_read/write (AlexChen)
4a129ccdf2: hw/mips/boston: Fix Lesser GPL version number (Chetan Pant)
d136ecc085: hw/mips: Fix Lesser GPL version number (Chetan Pant)
f169413c27: hw/mips: Remove the 'r4k' machine (Philippe Mathieu-Daudé)
c59c582d56: tests/qtest: Fix potential NULL pointer dereference in 
qos_build_main_args() (AlexChen)
3569a5dfc1: configure: fix gio_libs reference (Bruce Rogers)
af2c0e854b: meson: fix warning for bad sphinx-build (Paolo Bonzini)
0250edf1eb: tests/qtest/libqos/ahci.c: Avoid NULL dereference in ahci_exec() 
(Peter Maydell)
1d72d9c487: tests/qtest/libqtest.c: Check for setsockopt() failure (Peter 
cd57deabad: meson: vhost-user-gpu/virtiofsd: use absolute path (Marc Hartmayer)
a5cb7c5afe: meson: use b_staticpic=false for meson >=0.56.0 (Paolo Bonzini)
fd25017284: qtest: add a reproducer for LP#1878642 (Alexander Bulekov)
4177b062fc: hw/isa/lpc_ich9: Ignore reserved/invalid SCI IRQ (Philippe 
f8b8f37463: scripts/oss-fuzz: rename bin/qemu-fuzz-i386 (Alexander Bulekov)
3792185112: exec: Remove dead code (CID 1432876) (Philippe Mathieu-Daudé)
2eba427eb1: docs: expand sourceset documentation (Paolo Bonzini)
090afdc5e6: cutils: replace strdup with g_strdup (Paolo Bonzini)
5c3cfe33f4: virtio-iommu: Set supported page size mask (Bharat Bhushan)
b917749842: vfio: Set IOMMU page size as per host supported page size (Bharat 
457f8cbbd8: memory: Add interface to set iommu page size mask (Bharat Bhushan)
6978bfaa68: virtio-iommu: Add notify_flag_changed() memory region callback 
(Bharat Bhushan)
308e5e1b5f: virtio-iommu: Add replay() memory region callback (Bharat Bhushan)
2f6eeb5f0b: virtio-iommu: Call memory notifiers in attach/detach (Bharat 
15e4c8f01b: virtio-iommu: Add memory notifiers for map/unmap (Bharat Bhushan)
31aa323fb9: virtio-iommu: Store memory region in endpoint struct (Jean-Philippe 
bfe7a96173: virtio-iommu: Fix virtio_iommu_mr() (Jean-Philippe Brucker)
8055d2fb7f: hw/smbios: Fix leaked fd in save_opt_one() error path (Philippe 
8faf2f1de4: hw/virtio/vhost-backend: Fix Coverity CID 1432871 (Philippe 
510feed79a: hw/acpi : add spaces around operator (Xinhao Zhang)
4cbf31a8fe: hw/acpi : add space before the open parenthesis '(' (Xinhao Zhang)
88eed19896: hw/acpi : Don't use '#' flag of printf format (Xinhao Zhang)
296e88fd9f: virito-mem: Implement get_min_alignment() (David Hildenbrand)
c726aa6941: memory-device: Add get_min_alignment() callback (David Hildenbrand)
780a4d24e7: memory-device: Support big alignment requirements (David 
228957fea3: virtio-mem: Probe THP size to determine default block size (David 
0aed280061: virtio-mem: Make sure "usable_region_size" is always multiples of 
the block size (David Hildenbrand)
d31992ae13: virtio-mem: Make sure "addr" is always multiples of the block size 
(David Hildenbrand)
54420332b5: pc: comment style fixup (Michael S. Tsirkin)

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