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mmap2 is probably still broken in linux-user & other things

From: Catherine A. Frederick
Subject: mmap2 is probably still broken in linux-user & other things
Date: Sun, 8 Nov 2020 10:53:28 -0500
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Hi, I submitted a patch a while ago and then dropped off the face of the planet like most people do. In my journey to fix DRM/radeonsi in user-mode emulation I discovered a few bugs. I don't really have the time to write the infrastructure to make wrapping DRM IOCTLs remotely not-ugly, but I do want to get patches in for the last bug I encountered as it's kinda sneaky.

Currently(as of 6 months ago, and I doubt anyone noticed) mmap2 is completely broken for it's intended use(mapping pages outside the address limit). The value of the address input to mmap is clipped to an abi_ulong(4 bytes of 32 bit platforms afaik?) and because of this the value in pages when converted to addresses and passed to mmap on the host is invalid and this breaks radeonsi(and probably any other GPU driver in linux-user.

I don't really know how to fix this in a sane way so I'm looking for ideas.

Another thing I'm looking for ideas wrt is I'm thinking about is some form of automagic(opt-in, through a new type) pointer/union translation in IOCTLs over the guest barrier. Currently it's really ugly to wrap most of the IOCTLs in DRM and amdgpu because the DRM ioctls frequently pass pointers to the kernel and because of this I don't feel comfortable merging my patches(manually translating the struct to the types of the host sucks and feels like redundant work). On top of that AMDGPU uses a lot of structs where currently having one type for the call would corrupt the data in the return union.

Last thing: I never really got any performance benefit out of my scheduler, but I think that's mostly from bad implementation. Is there any information on TCG's performance characteristics? Thanks.

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