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Re: [Virtio-fs] [PATCH] virtiofsd: Use --thread-pool-size=0 to mean no t

From: Venegas Munoz, Jose Carlos
Subject: Re: [Virtio-fs] [PATCH] virtiofsd: Use --thread-pool-size=0 to mean no thread pool
Date: Fri, 6 Nov 2020 20:33:50 +0000

Hi Vivek,

I have tested with Kata 1.12-apha0, the results seems that are better for the 
use fio config I am tracking. 

The fio config does  randrw:

fio --direct=1 --gtod_reduce=1 --name=test --filename=random_read_write.fio 
--bs=4k --iodepth=64 --size=200M --readwrite=randrw --rwmixread=75

- I can see better results with this patch
- 9pfs is still better in the case of Kata because of the use of:

   READ: bw=42.8MiB/s (44.8MB/s), 42.8MiB/s-42.8MiB/s (44.8MB/s-44.8MB/s), 
io=150MiB (157MB), run=3507-3507msec
  WRITE: bw=14.3MiB/s (14.9MB/s), 14.3MiB/s-14.3MiB/s (14.9MB/s-14.9MB/s), 
io=49.0MiB (52.4MB), run=3507-3507msec
   READ: bw=55.1MiB/s (57.8MB/s), 55.1MiB/s-55.1MiB/s (57.8MB/s-57.8MB/s), 
io=150MiB (157MB), run=2722-2722msec
  WRITE: bw=18.4MiB/s (19.3MB/s), 18.4MiB/s-18.4MiB/s (19.3MB/s-19.3MB/s), 
io=49.0MiB (52.4MB), run=2722-2722msec
   READ: bw=34.5MiB/s (36.1MB/s), 34.5MiB/s-34.5MiB/s (36.1MB/s-36.1MB/s), 
io=150MiB (157MB), run=4354-4354msec
  WRITE: bw=11.5MiB/s (12.0MB/s), 11.5MiB/s-11.5MiB/s (12.0MB/s-12.0MB/s), 
io=49.0MiB (52.4MB), run=4354-4354msec
   READ: bw=32.3MiB/s (33.8MB/s), 32.3MiB/s-32.3MiB/s (33.8MB/s-33.8MB/s), 
io=150MiB (157MB), run=4648-4648msec
  WRITE: bw=10.8MiB/s (11.3MB/s), 10.8MiB/s-10.8MiB/s (11.3MB/s-11.3MB/s), 
io=49.0MiB (52.4MB), run=4648-4648msec

- run https://github.com/rhvgoyal/virtiofs-tests for  tread_pool_0, 
tread_pool_64, and 9pfs
- Test 

All the testing  for kata is based in:

I ran this using an azure VM.


´╗┐On 05/11/20 13:53, "Vivek Goyal" <vgoyal@redhat.com> wrote:

    On Thu, Nov 05, 2020 at 02:44:16PM -0500, Vivek Goyal wrote:
    > Right now we create a thread pool and main thread hands over the request
    > to thread in thread pool to process. Number of threads in thread pool
    > can be managed by option --thread-pool-size.
    > There is a chance that in case of some workloads, we might get better
    > performance if we don't handover the request to a different thread
    > and process in the context of thread receiving the request.
    > To implement that, redefine the meaning of --thread-pool-size=0 to
    > mean that don't use a thread pool. Instead process the request in
    > the context of thread receiving request from the queue.
    > I can't think how --thread-pool-size=0 is useful and hence using
    > that. If it is already useful somehow, I could look at defining
    > a new option say "--no-thread-pool".
    > I think this patch will be used more as a debug help to do comparison
    > when it is more effecient to do not hand over the requests to a
    > thread pool.

    I ran virtiofs-tests to comapre --thread-pool-size=0 and
    --thread-pool-size=64. And results seem to be all over the place. In
    some cases thread pool seems to perform batter and in other cases
    no-thread-pool seems to perform better.

    But in general it looks like that except for the case of libaio workload,
    no-thread-pool is helping.


    NAME                    WORKLOAD                Bandwidth       IOPS        
    thread-pool             seqread-psync           682.4mb         170.6k      
    no-thread-pool          seqread-psync           679.3mb         169.8k      

    thread-pool             seqread-psync-multi     2415.9mb        603.9k      
    no-thread-pool          seqread-psync-multi     2528.5mb        632.1k      

    thread-pool             seqread-mmap            591.7mb         147.9k      
    no-thread-pool          seqread-mmap            595.6mb         148.9k      

    thread-pool             seqread-mmap-multi      2195.3mb        548.8k      
    no-thread-pool          seqread-mmap-multi      2286.1mb        571.5k      

    thread-pool             seqread-libaio          329.1mb         82.2k       
    no-thread-pool          seqread-libaio          271.5mb         67.8k       

    thread-pool             seqread-libaio-multi    1387.1mb        346.7k      
    no-thread-pool          seqread-libaio-multi    1508.2mb        377.0k      

    thread-pool             randread-psync          59.0mb          14.7k       
    no-thread-pool          randread-psync          78.5mb          19.6k       

    thread-pool             randread-psync-multi    226.4mb         56.6k       
    no-thread-pool          randread-psync-multi    289.2mb         72.3k       

    thread-pool             randread-mmap           48.4mb          12.1k       
    no-thread-pool          randread-mmap           57.4mb          14.3k       

    thread-pool             randread-mmap-multi     183.5mb         45.8k       
    no-thread-pool          randread-mmap-multi     240.5mb         60.1k       

    thread-pool             randread-libaio         329.4mb         82.3k       
    no-thread-pool          randread-libaio         261.8mb         65.4k       

    thread-pool             randread-libaio-multi   252.1mb         63.0k       
    no-thread-pool          randread-libaio-multi   278.3mb         69.5k       

    thread-pool             seqwrite-psync          54.9mb          13.7k       
    no-thread-pool          seqwrite-psync          77.8mb          19.4k       

    thread-pool             seqwrite-psync-multi    219.9mb         54.9k       
    no-thread-pool          seqwrite-psync-multi    314.8mb         78.7k       

    thread-pool             seqwrite-mmap           191.7mb         47.9k       
    no-thread-pool          seqwrite-mmap           201.4mb         50.3k       

    thread-pool             seqwrite-mmap-multi     346.6mb         86.6k       
    no-thread-pool          seqwrite-mmap-multi     387.6mb         96.9k       

    thread-pool             seqwrite-libaio         306.4mb         76.6k       
    no-thread-pool          seqwrite-libaio         248.2mb         62.0k       

    thread-pool             seqwrite-libaio-multi   328.5mb         82.1k       
    no-thread-pool          seqwrite-libaio-multi   305.6mb         76.4k       

    thread-pool             randwrite-psync         55.6mb          13.9k       
    no-thread-pool          randwrite-psync         81.2mb          20.3k       

    thread-pool             randwrite-psync-multi   227.0mb         56.7k       
    no-thread-pool          randwrite-psync-multi   311.6mb         77.8k       

    thread-pool             randwrite-mmap          35.3mb          9038        
    no-thread-pool          randwrite-mmap          58.1mb          14.5k       

    thread-pool             randwrite-mmap-multi    140.8mb         35.2k       
    no-thread-pool          randwrite-mmap-multi    210.5mb         52.6k       

    thread-pool             randwrite-libaio        307.1mb         76.7k       
    no-thread-pool          randwrite-libaio        279.4mb         69.8k       

    thread-pool             randwrite-libaio-multi  361.3mb         90.3k       
    no-thread-pool          randwrite-libaio-multi  302.6mb         75.6k       

    thread-pool             randrw-psync            34.1mb/11.4mb   8754/2929   
    no-thread-pool          randrw-psync            38.7mb/12.9mb   9919/3321   

    thread-pool             randrw-psync-multi      126.2mb/42.3mb  31.5k/10.5k 
    no-thread-pool          randrw-psync-multi      172.2mb/57.7mb  43.0k/14.4k 

    thread-pool             randrw-mmap             24.1mb/8270kb   6194/2067   
    no-thread-pool          randrw-mmap             42.0mb/14.0mb   10.5k/3606  

    thread-pool             randrw-mmap-multi       127.9mb/42.8mb  31.9k/10.7k 
    no-thread-pool          randrw-mmap-multi       179.4mb/60.0mb  44.8k/15.0k 

    thread-pool             randrw-libaio           64.0mb/21.4mb   16.0k/5485  
    no-thread-pool          randrw-libaio           79.6mb/26.6mb   19.9k/6831  

    thread-pool             randrw-libaio-multi     174.2mb/58.3mb  43.5k/14.5k 
    no-thread-pool          randrw-libaio-multi     201.6mb/67.5mb  50.4k/16.8k 

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