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Re: [PATCH] ssi: Fix bad printf format specifiers

From: Chubb, Peter (Data61, Kensington NSW)
Subject: Re: [PATCH] ssi: Fix bad printf format specifiers
Date: Wed, 4 Nov 2020 21:39:55 +0000
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>>>>> "AlexChen" == AlexChen  <alex.chen@huawei.com> writes:

AlexChen> We should use printf format specifier "%u" instead of "%d"
AlexChen> for argument of type "unsigned int".

AlexChen> Reported-by: Euler Robot <euler.robot@huawei.com>
AlexChen>Signed-off-by: Alex Chen <alex.chen@huawei.com> ---

Reviewed-By: Peter Chubb <peter.chubb@data61.csiro.au>

Peter Chubb            Tel: +61 2 9490 5852      http://ts.data61.csiro.au/
Trustworthy Systems Group                                    CSIRO's Data61

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