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Help on TCG asserts

From: Sai Pavan Boddu
Subject: Help on TCG asserts
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 2020 04:15:53 +0000



Need some help on a qemu crash we are facing.


We hit asserts on below line



336 static void set_jmp_reset_offset(TCGContext *s, int which)

             337 {

             338     size_t off = tcg_current_code_size(s);

             339     s->tb_jmp_reset_offset[which] = off;

             340     /* Make sure that we didn't overflow the stored offset.  */

      >>> 341     assert(s->tb_jmp_reset_offset[which] == off);

             342 }


Can anyone give some color on what to look out for. As I see, tcg seems to have some restriction of code size it could handle, but I’m confused how to control that in qemu.


Sai Pavan


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