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[ANNOUNCE] QEMU 5.0.0 is now available

From: Michael Roth
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] QEMU 5.0.0 is now available
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 2020 17:00:03 -0500
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On behalf of the QEMU Team, I'd like to announce the availability of
the QEMU 5.0.0 release. This release contains 2800+ commits from 232

You can grab the tarball from our download page here:


The full list of changes are available at:


Highlights include:

 * Support for passing host filesystem directory to guest via virtiofsd
 * Live migration support for external processes running on QEMU D-Bus
 * Support for using memory backends for main/"built-in" guest RAM
 * block: support for compressed backup images via block jobs
 * block: qemu-img: 'measure' command now supports LUKS images, 'convert'
   command now supports skipping zero'ing of target image
 * block: experimental support for qemu-storage-daemon, which provides access
   to QEMU block-layer/QMP features like blocks jobs or built-in NBD server
   without starting a full VM

 * ARM: support for the following architecture features:
        ARMv8.1 VHE/VMID16/PAN/PMU
        ARMv8.2 UAO/DCPoP/ATS1E1/TTCNP
        ARMv8.3 RCPC/CCIDX
        ARMv8.4 PMU/RCPC
 * ARM: support for Cortex-M7 CPU
 * ARM: new board support for tacoma-bmc, Netduino Plus 2, and Orangepi PC
 * ARM: 'virt' machine now supports vTPM and virtio-iommu devices
 * HPPA: graphical console support via HP Artist graphics device
 * MIPS: support for GINVT (global TLB invalidation) instruction
 * PowerPC: 'pseries' machine no longer requires reboot to negotiate between
   XIVE/XICS interrupt controllers when ic-mode=dual
 * PowerPC: 'powernv' machine can now emulate KVM hardware acceleration to run
   KVM guests while in TCG mode
 * PowerPC: support for file-backed NVDIMMs for persistent memory emulation
 * RISC-V: 'virt' and 'sifive_u' boards now support generic syscon drivers in
   Linux to control power/reboot
 * RISC-V: 'virt' board now supports Goldfish RTC
 * RISC-V: experimental support for v0.5 of draft hypervisor extension
 * s390: support for Adapter Interrupt Suppression while running in KVM mode

 * and lots more...

Thank you to everyone involved!

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