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Debugging heterogeneous SoC

From: Nikita Ermakov
Subject: Debugging heterogeneous SoC
Date: Wed, 29 Jan 2020 03:28:20 +0300


I am trying to debug the sifive_u SoC in the QEMU with GDB.
SiFive Unleashed contains one E51 core and four U54 cores.
In the hw/riscv/sifve_u.c E51 and U54 cores are placed in the different CPU clusters.
In the gdbstub.c, it is searches only the first cluster and it always finds cluster with E51 core, if I understand it correctly.
In the GDB with `info threads` I could see only E51 core but none of the U54 cores.

Is it possible to somehow get an access to another CPU cluster in the GDB/QEMU?

B8 00 4C CD 21

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