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[Bug 1849644] Re: QEMU VNC websocket proxy requires non-standard 'binary

From: Samuel
Subject: [Bug 1849644] Re: QEMU VNC websocket proxy requires non-standard 'binary' subprotocol
Date: Mon, 27 Jan 2020 08:27:54 -0000

Ok, thanks!

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  QEMU VNC websocket proxy requires non-standard 'binary' subprotocol

Status in QEMU:

Bug description:
  When running a machine using "-vnc" and the "websocket" option QEMU
  seems to require the subprotocol called 'binary'. This subprotocol
  does not exist in the WebSocket specification. In fact it has never
  existed in the spec, in one of the very early drafts of WebSockets it
  was briefly mentioned but it never made it to a final version.

  When the WebSocket server requires a non-standard subprotocol any
  WebSocket client that works correctly won't be able to connect.

  One example of such a client is noVNC, it tells the server that it
  doesn't want to use any subprotocol. QEMU's WebSocket proxy doesn't
  let noVNC connect. If noVNC is modified to ask for 'binary' it will
  work, this is, however, incorrect behavior.

  Looking at the code in "io/channel-websock.c" it seems it's quite
  hard-coded to binary:

  Look at line 58 and 433 here:

  This code has to be made more dynamic, and shouldn't require binary.

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