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Re: [PATCH v2 00/86] refactor main RAM allocation to use hostmem backend

From: no-reply
Subject: Re: [PATCH v2 00/86] refactor main RAM allocation to use hostmem backend
Date: Wed, 15 Jan 2020 10:16:28 -0800 (PST)

Patchew URL: https://patchew.org/QEMU/address@hidden/


This series seems to have some coding style problems. See output below for
more information:

Subject: [PATCH v2 00/86] refactor main RAM allocation to use hostmem backend
Type: series
Message-id: address@hidden

git rev-parse base > /dev/null || exit 0
git config --local diff.renamelimit 0
git config --local diff.renames True
git config --local diff.algorithm histogram
./scripts/checkpatch.pl --mailback base..

Updating 3c8cf5a9c21ff8782164d1def7f44bd888713384
Switched to a new branch 'test'
0b4d672 numa: remove deprecated implicit RAM distribution between nodes
1098011 numa: make exit() usage consistent
02b386f tests:numa-test: use explicit memdev to specify node RAM
66a2225 tests:numa-test: make top level args dynamic and g_autofree(cli) 
b20b2ff numa: forbid '-numa node, mem' for 5.0 and newer machine types
a13aa68 hostmem: fix strict bind policy
83a7d87 hostmem: introduce "prealloc-threads" property
7257d12 make mem_path local variable
04d4c6f exec: drop bogus mem_path from qemu_ram_alloc_from_fd()
eb6daec exec: cleanup qemu_minrampagesize()/qemu_maxrampagesize()
07bfbd9 post conversion default_ram_id cleanup
c0bf61f remove no longer used memory_region_allocate_system_memory()
a912f8b sparc:niagara: use memdev for RAM
b744bcd sparc:sun4m: use memdev for RAM
49ea0ec sparc:leon3: use memdev for RAM
0c356f0 ppc:virtex_ml507: use memdev for RAM
f361e08 ppc:virtex_ml507: remove unused arguments
3523e7b ppc:spapr: use memdev for RAM
7df88ce ppc:prep: use memdev for RAM
3158bcf ppc:ppc440_bamboo/sam460ex: use memdev for RAM
c05ab6d ppc/{ppc440_bamboo,sam460x}: drop RAM size fixup
71deb34 ppc:ppc405_boards: use memdev for RAM
04b505db ppc:ppc405_boards: add RAM size checks
dffbdde ppc:pnv: use memdev for RAM
02936f7 ppc:mac_oldworld: use memdev for RAM
181345a ppc:mac_newworld: use memdev for RAM
5810983 ppc:e500: use memdev for RAM
2753e72 ppc:e500: drop RAM size fixup
b2ec371 mips:mips_r4k: use memdev for RAM
beb034d mips:mips_mipssim: use memdev for RAM
608d78b mips:mips_malta: use memdev for RAM
b823794 mips:mips_jazz: use memdev for RAM
8916374 mips:mips_fulong2e: use memdev for RAM
d4a34dc mips:mips_fulong2e: drop RAM size fixup
151530e mips:boston-cube: use memdev for RAM
6e84bad m68k:next-cube: use memdev for RAM
00daf85 m68k:mcf5208: use memdev for RAM
61d3597 m68k:an5206: use memdev for RAM
ff9accd lm32:milkymist: use memdev for RAM
4d05cc4 lm32:lm32_boards: use memdev for RAM
96ef68d x86:pc: use memdev for RAM
ccb281c x86:microvm: use memdev for RAM
de745ce hppa: use memdev for RAM
81d7bb5 hw/hppa/machine: Map the PDC memory region with higher priority
0172fe7 hw/hppa/machine: Restrict the total memory size to 3GB
ec0c2c2 hw/hppa/machine: Correctly check the firmware is in PDC range
79d6742 cris:axis_dev88: use memdev for RAM
4a1b6a3 null-machine: use memdev for RAM
df8c7b3 s390x:s390-virtio-ccw: use memdev for RAM
8b28fb8 arm:xlnx-zcu102: use memdev for RAM
bcf19b6 arm:xlnx-versal-virt: use memdev for RAM
a0e14c0 arm:xilinx_zynq: use memdev for RAM
7aacf46 arm:xilinx_zynq: drop RAM size fixup
58602f5 arm:virt: use memdev for RAM
6fb0d33 arm:vexpress: use memdev for RAM
9a6e064 arm:versatilepb: use memdev for RAM
d365f71 arm:sbsa-ref: use memdev for RAM
623e61c arm:sabrelite: use memdev for RAM
3382b3b arm:raspi: use memdev for RAM
46a5bef arm:palm: use memdev for RAM
50bef2a arm:omap_sx1: use memdev for RAM
edba4fc arm:nseries: use memdev for RAM
1e880cb arm:musicpal: use memdev for RAM
500bdb0 arm:mps2: use memdev for RAM
26f6109 arm:mps2-tz: use memdev for RAM
3115479 arm:mcimx7d-sabre: use memdev for RAM
5ae9d66 arm:mcimx6ul-evk: use memdev for RAM
f60a931 arm:kzm: use memdev for RAM
5caf28a arm:kzm: drop RAM size fixup
bbce546 arm:integratorcp: use memdev for RAM
f6cd712 arm:imx25_pdk: use memdev for RAM
31d092e arm:imx25_pdk: drop RAM size fixup
2c1e1fc arm:highbank: use memdev for RAM
21c0ab0 arm:digic_boards: use memdev for RAM
e1e35dd arm:cubieboard: use memdev for RAM
c218c33 arm:collie: use memdev for RAM
f07ceb1 arm:aspeed: use memdev for RAM
bdb5ad7 hw:aspeed: drop warning and bogus ram_size fixup
667a1a9 arm:aspeed: actually check RAM size
ff498af arm:aspeed: convert valid RAM sizes to data
ab2a965 alpha:dp264: use memdev for RAM
4836a67 initialize MachineState::ram in NUMA case
e3fce82 machine: introduce convenience MachineState::ram
f29549f machine: alias -mem-path and -mem-prealloc into memory-foo backend
78d829c machine: introduce ram-memdev property
aa1fc16 numa: remove deprecated -mem-path fallback to anonymous RAM

1/86 Checking commit aa1fc16b0c38 (numa: remove deprecated -mem-path fallback 
to anonymous RAM)
2/86 Checking commit 78d829c16792 (machine: introduce ram-memdev property)
3/86 Checking commit f29549fc3446 (machine: alias -mem-path and -mem-prealloc 
into memory-foo backend)
4/86 Checking commit e3fce82f8b0a (machine: introduce convenience 
5/86 Checking commit 4836a67b492c (initialize MachineState::ram in NUMA case)
6/86 Checking commit ab2a965aecf2 (alpha:dp264: use memdev for RAM)
ERROR: spaces required around that '*' (ctx:WxV)
#30: FILE: hw/alpha/alpha_sys.h:14:
+PCIBus *typhoon_init(MemoryRegion *, ISABus **, qemu_irq *, AlphaCPU *[4],

total: 1 errors, 0 warnings, 49 lines checked

Patch 6/86 has style problems, please review.  If any of these errors
are false positives report them to the maintainer, see

7/86 Checking commit ff498afe2397 (arm:aspeed: convert valid RAM sizes to data)
8/86 Checking commit 667a1a9689eb (arm:aspeed: actually check RAM size)
9/86 Checking commit bdb5ad7c6690 (hw:aspeed: drop warning and bogus ram_size 
10/86 Checking commit f07ceb15e3d0 (arm:aspeed: use memdev for RAM)
11/86 Checking commit c218c33c2c1d (arm:collie: use memdev for RAM)
12/86 Checking commit e1e35dddfd68 (arm:cubieboard: use memdev for RAM)
13/86 Checking commit 21c0ab02cca0 (arm:digic_boards: use memdev for RAM)
14/86 Checking commit 2c1e1fc73e44 (arm:highbank: use memdev for RAM)
15/86 Checking commit 31d092e263da (arm:imx25_pdk: drop RAM size fixup)
16/86 Checking commit f6cd7125515e (arm:imx25_pdk: use memdev for RAM)
17/86 Checking commit bbce54683de4 (arm:integratorcp: use memdev for RAM)
18/86 Checking commit 5caf28a157a9 (arm:kzm: drop RAM size fixup)
19/86 Checking commit f60a9311a03d (arm:kzm: use memdev for RAM)
20/86 Checking commit 5ae9d66de2cd (arm:mcimx6ul-evk: use memdev for RAM)
21/86 Checking commit 3115479701b8 (arm:mcimx7d-sabre: use memdev for RAM)
22/86 Checking commit 26f610919991 (arm:mps2-tz: use memdev for RAM)
23/86 Checking commit 500bdb012a0c (arm:mps2: use memdev for RAM)
24/86 Checking commit 1e880cb6ed27 (arm:musicpal: use memdev for RAM)
25/86 Checking commit edba4fc51907 (arm:nseries: use memdev for RAM)
26/86 Checking commit 50bef2a1ff8b (arm:omap_sx1: use memdev for RAM)
27/86 Checking commit 46a5bef0b355 (arm:palm: use memdev for RAM)
28/86 Checking commit 3382b3ba4f8f (arm:raspi: use memdev for RAM)
29/86 Checking commit 623e61c61ef1 (arm:sabrelite: use memdev for RAM)
30/86 Checking commit d365f71e6f61 (arm:sbsa-ref: use memdev for RAM)
31/86 Checking commit 9a6e0641e7de (arm:versatilepb: use memdev for RAM)
32/86 Checking commit 6fb0d331c71f (arm:vexpress: use memdev for RAM)
33/86 Checking commit 58602f5a313d (arm:virt: use memdev for RAM)
34/86 Checking commit 7aacf4698262 (arm:xilinx_zynq: drop RAM size fixup)
35/86 Checking commit a0e14c032a21 (arm:xilinx_zynq: use memdev for RAM)
36/86 Checking commit bcf19b6579a4 (arm:xlnx-versal-virt: use memdev for RAM)
37/86 Checking commit 8b28fb8cdc7c (arm:xlnx-zcu102: use memdev for RAM)
38/86 Checking commit df8c7b3d1caa (s390x:s390-virtio-ccw: use memdev for RAM)
39/86 Checking commit 4a1b6a36ff0b (null-machine: use memdev for RAM)
40/86 Checking commit 79d6742c68f7 (cris:axis_dev88: use memdev for RAM)
41/86 Checking commit ec0c2c299493 (hw/hppa/machine: Correctly check the 
firmware is in PDC range)
42/86 Checking commit 0172fe7158ea (hw/hppa/machine: Restrict the total memory 
size to 3GB)
43/86 Checking commit 81d7bb57c125 (hw/hppa/machine: Map the PDC memory region 
with higher priority)
44/86 Checking commit de745cef12ed (hppa: use memdev for RAM)
45/86 Checking commit ccb281ca428b (x86:microvm: use memdev for RAM)
46/86 Checking commit 96ef68dbcb5d (x86:pc: use memdev for RAM)
47/86 Checking commit 4d05cc4b128a (lm32:lm32_boards: use memdev for RAM)
48/86 Checking commit ff9accd82e74 (lm32:milkymist: use memdev for RAM)
49/86 Checking commit 61d3597a9224 (m68k:an5206: use memdev for RAM)
50/86 Checking commit 00daf85e44af (m68k:mcf5208: use memdev for RAM)
51/86 Checking commit 6e84bad3fba6 (m68k:next-cube: use memdev for RAM)
52/86 Checking commit 151530ecb6a0 (mips:boston-cube: use memdev for RAM)
53/86 Checking commit d4a34dcb1a7f (mips:mips_fulong2e: drop RAM size fixup)
54/86 Checking commit 891637498130 (mips:mips_fulong2e: use memdev for RAM)
55/86 Checking commit b823794fa4db (mips:mips_jazz: use memdev for RAM)
56/86 Checking commit 608d78bdb560 (mips:mips_malta: use memdev for RAM)
57/86 Checking commit beb034d464c7 (mips:mips_mipssim: use memdev for RAM)
58/86 Checking commit b2ec371658a2 (mips:mips_r4k: use memdev for RAM)
59/86 Checking commit 2753e7251dbf (ppc:e500: drop RAM size fixup)
60/86 Checking commit 5810983e05d9 (ppc:e500: use memdev for RAM)
61/86 Checking commit 181345a14032 (ppc:mac_newworld: use memdev for RAM)
62/86 Checking commit 02936f711900 (ppc:mac_oldworld: use memdev for RAM)
63/86 Checking commit dffbddec7484 (ppc:pnv: use memdev for RAM)
64/86 Checking commit 04b505db53c6 (ppc:ppc405_boards: add RAM size checks)
65/86 Checking commit 71deb34da16d (ppc:ppc405_boards: use memdev for RAM)
66/86 Checking commit c05ab6dbc400 (ppc/{ppc440_bamboo,sam460x}: drop RAM size 
67/86 Checking commit 3158bcf2a286 (ppc:ppc440_bamboo/sam460ex: use memdev for 
68/86 Checking commit 7df88cedb210 (ppc:prep: use memdev for RAM)
69/86 Checking commit 3523e7ba15a3 (ppc:spapr: use memdev for RAM)
70/86 Checking commit f361e0899be6 (ppc:virtex_ml507: remove unused arguments)
71/86 Checking commit 0c356f0f4c22 (ppc:virtex_ml507: use memdev for RAM)
72/86 Checking commit 49ea0ecbeecb (sparc:leon3: use memdev for RAM)
73/86 Checking commit b744bcd27695 (sparc:sun4m: use memdev for RAM)
74/86 Checking commit a912f8bc8c61 (sparc:niagara: use memdev for RAM)
75/86 Checking commit c0bf61f45183 (remove no longer used 
76/86 Checking commit 07bfbd96c08c (post conversion default_ram_id cleanup)
77/86 Checking commit eb6daec88a8a (exec: cleanup 
78/86 Checking commit 04d4c6faaca2 (exec: drop bogus mem_path from 
79/86 Checking commit 7257d1263a5d (make mem_path local variable)
80/86 Checking commit 83a7d87c1fce (hostmem: introduce "prealloc-threads" 
81/86 Checking commit a13aa6825527 (hostmem: fix strict bind policy)
82/86 Checking commit b20b2ff4cdac (numa: forbid '-numa node, mem' for 5.0 and 
newer machine types)
83/86 Checking commit 66a22250b5c1 (tests:numa-test: make top level args 
dynamic and g_autofree(cli) cleanups)
84/86 Checking commit 02b386f71ab9 (tests:numa-test: use explicit memdev to 
specify node RAM)
85/86 Checking commit 1098011efcda (numa: make exit() usage consistent)
86/86 Checking commit 0b4d672f1b99 (numa: remove deprecated implicit RAM 
distribution between nodes)
=== OUTPUT END ===

Test command exited with code: 1

The full log is available at
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