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KVM call minutes for 2020-01-14

From: Juan Quintela
Subject: KVM call minutes for 2020-01-14
Date: Tue, 14 Jan 2020 16:19:02 +0100
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This notes are very terse because the discussion was quite technical and
I am not familiar with this part of qemu.  Feel free to fill this.

- libmuser:
    * Take all the complication of implementing the device
    * support several transport types?
    * mediated devices
    * tcp or rdma connection
    * VMI vs VMF
    * SPDK
    * Oracle move from unix socket to muser
    * Will we use it over kernel or over userspace?
    * For polling we are single process
    * How do handle recovery, outside process can have quite a bit of state
- multi-process
   * trying to integrate multiuser + muser
   * look if their vision is ok with qemu expectations
   * one continue with muser kernel module
   * other is vfio over unix socket
   * preferrence is going vfio over unix socket
     this allows all implementations work
- out of tree device
   * problematic
   * require to link with qemu
   * what about dpdk and other external
   * other appoarch: vfio with outside device
- vfio over sockets
   * who is doing that work?
   * felipe prototype it long ago
- best way to get this multiprocess in
  * they have worked on this for a long time
  * no idea about how to go from there

Later, Juan.

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