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[Bug 1859384] Re: arm gic: interrupt model never 1 on non-mpcore and rac

From: Alex Longwall
Subject: [Bug 1859384] Re: arm gic: interrupt model never 1 on non-mpcore and race condition in gic_acknowledge_irq
Date: Mon, 13 Jan 2020 14:23:53 -0000

> You might find there is enough in kvm-unit-tests GIC tests already to
build a test case for what you are seeing.

Right, I will do so as soon as possible.

For bug 1) however, a simpler test can be made
    // x0=gicd
    mov     x0, #0x08000000
    // Read icfgr[for irqid=32...]
    ldr     w1, [x0, #(0xc00+32/4)]
    // Try to write to icfgr
    mov     w1, #3
    str     w1, [x0, #(0xc00+32/4)]
    // Read back
    ldr     w1, [x0, #(0xc00+32/4)]
    b .

Running this code through the gdbstub, we can see that the model bits
((2*id+0) mod 16) in icfgr are always 0, no matter what.

However, even for the GICv2, GIC_DIST_TEST_MODEL is being used in qemu
source code, meaning all interrupts, including SPIs, are wrongly treated
as N-N.

The initialization function of the GIC should (at least for GICv2
devices) initialize these bits as 1 for all SPIs; this is currently not
the case.

You received this bug notification because you are a member of qemu-
devel-ml, which is subscribed to QEMU.

  arm gic: interrupt model never 1 on non-mpcore and race condition in

Status in QEMU:

Bug description:
  For a 1-N interrupt (any SPI on the GICv2), as mandated by the TRM,
  only one CPU can acknowledge the IRQ until it becomes inactive.

  The TRM also mandates that SGIs and PPIs follow the N-N model and that
  SPIs follow the 1-N model.

  However this is not currently the case with QEMU. I have locally (no
  minimal test case) seen e.g. uart interrupts being acknowledged twice
  before having been deactivated (expected: irqId on one CPU and 1023 on
  the other instead).

  I have narrowed the issue down to the following:

  1) arm_gic_common_reset resets all irq_state[id] fields to 0. This
  means all IRQ will use the N-N model, and if s->revision !=
  REV_11MPCORE, then there's no way to set any interrupt to 1-N.

  If ""fixed"" locally with a hackjob, I still have the following trace:

  pl011_irq_state 534130.800 pid=2424 level=0x1
  gic_set_irq 2.900 pid=2424 irq=0x21 level=0x1 cpumask=0xff target=0xff
  gic_update_set_irq 3.300 pid=2424 cpu=0x0 name=irq level=0x1
  gic_update_set_irq 4.200 pid=2424 cpu=0x1 name=irq level=0x1
  gic_acknowledge_irq 539.400 pid=2424 s=cpu cpu=0x1 irq=0x21
  gic_update_set_irq 269.800 pid=2424 cpu=0x0 name=irq level=0x1
  gic_cpu_read 4.100 pid=2424 s=cpu cpu=0x1 addr=0xc val=0x21
  gic_acknowledge_irq 15.600 pid=2424 s=cpu cpu=0x0 irq=0x21
  gic_cpu_read 265.000 pid=2424 s=cpu cpu=0x0 addr=0xc val=0x21
  pl011_write 1594.700 pid=2424 addr=0x44 value=0x50
  pl011_irq_state 2.000 pid=2424 level=0x0
  gic_set_irq 1.300 pid=2424 irq=0x21 level=0x0 cpumask=0xff target=0xff
  pl011_write 30.700 pid=2424 addr=0x38 value=0x0
  pl011_irq_state 1.200 pid=2424 level=0x0
  gic_cpu_write 110.600 pid=2424 s=cpu cpu=0x0 addr=0x10 val=0x21
  gic_cpu_write 193.400 pid=2424 s=cpu cpu=0x0 addr=0x1000 val=0x21
  pl011_irq_state 1169.500 pid=2424 level=0x0

  This is because:

  2) gic_acknowledge_irq calls gic_clear_pending which uses
  GIC_DIST_CLEAR_PENDING but this usually has no effect on level-
  sensitive interrupts.

  With this often being a no-op (ie. assuming ispendr was not written
  to), any 1-n level-sensitive interrupt is still improperly pending on
  all the other cores.

  (Also, I don't really know how the qemu thread model works, there
  might be race conditions in the acknowledgment logic if
  gic_acknowledge_irq is called by multiple threads, too.)

  Option used:
  -nographic -machine virt,virtualization=on,accel=tcg,gic-version=2 -cpu 
cortex-a57 -smp 4 -m 1024
  -kernel whatever.elf -d unimp,guest_errors -semihosting-config 
  -chardev stdio,id=uart -serial chardev:uart -monitor none
  -trace gic_update_set_irq -trace gic_acknowledge_irq -trace pl011_irq_state 
-trace pl011_write -trace gic_cpu_read -trace gic_cpu_write
  -trace gic_set_irq

  Commit used: dc65a5bdc9fa543690a775b50d4ffbeb22c56d6d "Merge remote-
  tracking branch 'remotes/dgibson/tags/ppc-for-5.0-20200108' into

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