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Re: [PATCH V3 0/4] Introduce Advanced Watch Dog module

From: Zhang, Chen
Subject: Re: [PATCH V3 0/4] Introduce Advanced Watch Dog module
Date: Mon, 9 Dec 2019 01:52:33 +0800
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Hi All~

No news for a long time.

Please give me more comments about this series.


Zhang Chen

On 11/19/2019 8:30 PM, Zhang, Chen wrote:
From: Zhang Chen <address@hidden>

Advanced Watch Dog is an universal monitoring module on VMM side, it can be 
used to detect network down(VMM to guest, VMM to VMM, VMM to another remote 
server) and do previously set operation. Current AWD patch just accept any 
input as the signal to refresh the watchdog timer,
and we can also make a certain interactive protocol here. For the output user 
can pre-write
some command or some messages in the AWD opt-script. We noticed that there is 
no way
for VMM communicate directly, maybe some people think we don't need such 
things(up layer
software like openstack can handle it). But we engaged with real customer found 
that in some cases,they need a lightweight and efficient mechanism to solve 
some practical problems(openstack is too heavy).
for example: When it detects lost connection with the paired node,it will send 
message to admin, notify another VMM, send qmp command to qemu do some 
operation like restart the VM, build VMM heartbeat system, etc.
It make user have basic VM/Host network monitoring tools and basic false 
tolerance and recovery solution.

Demo usage(for COLO heartbeat service):

In primary node:

-chardev socket,id=h1,host=,port=9009,server,nowait
-chardev socket,id=heartbeat0,host=,port=4445
-object iothread,id=iothread2

In secondary node:

-monitor tcp::4445,server,nowait
-chardev socket,id=h1,host=,port=9009,reconnect=1
-chardev socket,id=heart1,host=,port=4445
-object iothread,id=iothread1

  - Rebased on Qemu 4.2.0-rc1 code.
  - Fix commit message issue.

  - Addressed Philippe comments add configure selector for AWD.

  - Initial version.

Zhang Chen (4):
   net/awd.c: Introduce Advanced Watch Dog module framework
   net/awd.c: Initailize input/output chardev
   net/awd.c: Load advanced watch dog worker thread job
   vl.c: Make Advanced Watch Dog delayed initialization

  configure         |   9 +
  net/Makefile.objs |   1 +
  net/awd.c         | 491 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  qemu-options.hx   |   6 +
  vl.c              |   7 +
  5 files changed, 514 insertions(+)
  create mode 100644 net/awd.c

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