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[PATCH 0/5] mips: machines: Renovate coding style

From: Filip Bozuta
Subject: [PATCH 0/5] mips: machines: Renovate coding style
Date: Fri, 6 Dec 2019 14:58:02 +0100

The scripts checkpatch.pl located in scripts folder
was used to check for errors and warnings in fllowing
mips machines:

    Fulong 2E

All generated errors and warnings were corrected
and the script was ran again to make sure there
are no more errors and warnings


    Boston machine was already clear of errors
    and warnings so the boston machine files 
    were not edited.


    One error occured due to the machro #IF 0.
    That error was not corrected beacuse there
    is some reduntant code within that macro that
    might be used in future versions.


    * changed lines in hw/mips/mips_malta.c from 848 to
      995 so that comments begin at the same line

    * changed line 573 in hw/mips/mips_malta.c to fix
      the build error due to the function g_new0 that is
      used for allocating

    * changed lines 103 and 107 in tests/acceptance/mips_malta.c
      so that splitting lines are aligned vertically 
      belove the opening brackets

    * changed line 121 in mips_r4k.c so that INITRD_PAGE_MASK so 
      that it is aligned vertically belove the opening bracket

Filip Bozuta (5):
  mips: jazz: Renovate coding style
  mips: malta: Renovate coding style
  mips: mipssim: Renovate coding style
  mips: r4000: Renovate coding style
  mips: fulong 2e: Renovate coding style

 hw/display/jazz_led.c                    | 123 +++++++++++-----------
 hw/dma/rc4030.c                          |  12 ++-
 hw/isa/vt82c686.c                        |  23 +++--
 hw/mips/mips_jazz.c                      |  32 +++---
 hw/mips/mips_malta.c                     | 169 ++++++++++++++++---------------
 hw/mips/mips_r4k.c                       |  55 ++++++----
 hw/net/mipsnet.c                         |  44 ++++----
 hw/pci-host/bonito.c                     |  60 ++++++-----
 tests/acceptance/linux_ssh_mips_malta.py |   6 +-
 9 files changed, 281 insertions(+), 243 deletions(-)


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