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Re: BeagleBone support, omap1, omap2, omap3, etc.

From: Esteban Bosse
Subject: Re: BeagleBone support, omap1, omap2, omap3, etc.
Date: Tue, 3 Dec 2019 16:24:11 +0100


El mié., 6 nov. 2019 16:04, Esteban Bosse <address@hidden> escribió:

Some months ago I started to work trying to port the Beaglebone support from the old qemu-linaro fork to the new QEMU mainstream.

During my work I found that the Beaglebone have an OMAP3 mpu this mpu has very strong relation with the OMAP2 and OMAP1 in qemu, they implement a lot of functions in common.

Then I understood that the omap1 and omap2 don't implement things like QOM and needs a lot of work to upgrade it, at the same time they are some boards like: omap1_sx, palm, nseries that implement this mpus.

Looking the datasheet of the omap1 I realized that it's an very old device and some questions like "make sense work with this old device?" comes to my mind.

When I went to the KVM Forum the last week I talked with some of you, and you help my with different ideas and proposal to make this task, but I can't see the right way to make this work because it is a lot of work.

My motivation is learn more about embedded devices, architecture, kernel, etc. and of course contribute to the community. 

I would love to hear your opinions about this 3 related devices with they respected boards.

Maybe someone is interested to work with me.
I dream to make this work beautiful (like the musca board with the armsse and armv7m modules) with a good variety of tests. And in the same time I would like to write some documentation about the process with the final idea to "make an easier way for new contributors".

If someone want to work with me in this task, should know that I don't have to much experience and I'm doing this job in my free time (this means that I work only in my free time).

I appreciate any kind of comment or advice.

Thanks for your time ;)

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