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Re: [Qemu-devel] [PATCH] ati-vga: Add registers for getting apertures

From: BALATON Zoltan
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] [PATCH] ati-vga: Add registers for getting apertures
Date: Fri, 5 Jul 2019 19:28:54 +0200 (CEST)
User-agent: Alpine 2.21.9999 (BSF 287 2018-06-16)

On Fri, 5 Jul 2019, Gerd Hoffmann wrote:
On Fri, Jul 05, 2019 at 12:02:26PM +0200, BALATON Zoltan wrote:
Some drivers (e.g. Linux radeon drm and MacOS) access these to find
apertures to access card. Try to implement these but not sure these
are correct yet.

+        val = s->vga.vram_size;
+        break;

Given the math linux is doing I don't think this is correct:

static u32 r100_get_accessible_vram(struct radeon_device *rdev)
        u32 aper_size;
        u8 byte;

        aper_size = RREG32(RADEON_CONFIG_APER_SIZE);

        [ ... ]

        /* Single function older card. We read HDP_APER_CNTL to see how the BIOS
         * have set it up. We don't write this as it's broken on some ASICs but
         * we expect the BIOS to have done the right thing (might be too 
                return aper_size * 2;
        return aper_size;

I don't know and probably will take a while to figure out but here's what I could find so far.

Your patch has set CONFIG_APER_SIZE to vram_size/2 and set HDP_APER_CNTL bit in HOST_PATH_CNTL to 1 so above would return aper_size * 2 = vram_size

My patch sets CONFIG_APER_SIZE to vram_size and does not set APER_CNTL bit so results should be the same: returning vram_size, just differently.

Unless I've missed something that would make both of our patches correct or broken for Linux which does not set HOST_PATH_CNTL only uses its value.

IIRC old ati cards had a pci bar twice the size of the vram, where the lower
half of the pci bar was straight access to the video memory and the upper
half byteswapped access.

Correct but maybe only for cards older than R128P (or R128P is an exception?), I remember reading about that in Mach64 or Rage PRO docs where the second half of the frame buffer would byte-swap. The R128P mentions AGP memory instead for high addresses (e.g. in description of DST_OFFSET reg). The M6 register reference does not have any description of these CONFIG_* regs so I'm not sure how should these behave for M6/RV100 but the R128P register reference (found on http://vgamuseum.info/index.php/companies/item/111-ati-rage-128-pro) has some info on this. It details memory mapping in section 2.2 and says that:

"There are also two identical copies of the relocatable Linear Memory Aperture in RAGE 128." (Endiannes of these are settable independently in CONFIG_CNTL and the second aperture could be set big endian on PowerMac for example but I haven't checked if the ATI MacOS driver tries to do that or not but if it produced picture the colors would show that.)

"These apertures allow access to the frame buffer memory, and in AGP systems, access to the AGP memory as seen by the RAGE 128.

To determine the base address of Linear Aperture 0, use the CONFIG_APER_0_BASE register. To determine the base address of Linear Aperture 1, use the CONFIG_APER_1_BASE register. Both these registers can be read in any register aperture.

To determine the size of each linear aperture, use the CONFIG_APER_SIZE register.

The frame buffer image occupies the area in each aperture from offset 0 to CONFIG_MEMSIZE-1." (There's also CONFIG_MEMSIZE_EMBEDDED for chips with embedded memory that is I think less or equal to CONFIG_MEMSIZE but "The RAGE 128 does not have any embedded memory." The M6 I think has 16MB on chip RAM so this may be non-0 for that but likely it's not mandatory so should work without that as there are RV100 chips without RAM as well.)

"The RAGE 128 supports up to 32MB of frame buffer memory. This limit may be expanded for future hardware generations,"

"Each Linear Aperture contains an image of the AGP system memory as seen by the accelerator. This image starts at offset AGP_APER_OFFSET in the aperture." (But it says it's intended for debugging only and not recommended to use.)

"To determine the size of the AGP memory, use the AGP_APER_SIZE register. This register is an enumerated type that must be converted into a number (refer to the register definition).

The RAGE 128 supports up to 32MB of AGP memory."

So according to the above I think on R128P CONFIG_APER_SIZE should be maximum 32MB FB + 32 MB AGP that is 64MB. The register definition though says:

CONFIG_APER_SIZE MMR:0x0108 MMR_1:0x0108 IND:0x0108
[R] 32 bits (access: 8/16/32)
 Field Name    Bits    Default
 APER_SIZE     25: 0  0x2000000
(reserved)     31:26

Description: Size of linear apertures (both 0 and 1). This includes both the frame buffer image and the AGP system memory image area.
NOTE: Bits 24:0 of this field are hardwired to ZERO

CONFIG_APER_SIZE: Linear Aperture Size

The default value here is 32MB (and if all bits except 25 is 0 then it can't have other value either than 0 or 32MB) so I'm not sure but in any case I think what's important is that CONFIG_APER_SIZE should be >= CONFIG_MEMSIZE.

I think that is the background of the "aper_size * 2" logic above, and
RADEON_HDP_APER_CNTL is probably a config bit for the behavior.

This gets more confusing here. This bit does not seem to exist in R128P, the HOST_PATH_CNTL reg lists bits 23:15 as (reserved), but in the M6 manual we have:

HOST_PATH_CNTL - RW - 32 bits - [MMReg:0x130]
Field Name Bits Default HDP_APER_CNTL 23 0x0


Selects how the two PCI linear memory apertures map into the internal 32bit address space of the graphics controller.

0=Both host apertures map to same area in MC address space (starting at MC_FB_START). Surface ranges are limited to the size of CONFIG_APER_SIZE.

1=Two host apertures are mapped one above the other in MC address space stating at MC_FP_START. i.e. they become one big aperture. Surface ranges can cover the double size of CONFIG_APER_SIZE.

So I'm confused (what a mess these cards are) but with this bit 0 there should be no need to double or halve the aperture/RAM sizes and behaviour should match that of R128P, therefore I'd do that unless we find something that acually sets this to 1 and tries to use it that way. (In my understanding of the above setting this bit to 1 would allow to have the two apertures to map to two consecutive 32MB (or whatever size) window (instead of both showing the same memory area) allowing to access twice the size of card memory but not sure how this relates to CONFIG_MEMSIZE. Maybe the aperture windows are limited to 32MB and there would be no way to access more card RAM otherwise?

One more thing I don't understand is that it says apertures are relocatable but how are these set? The base registers are listed as read only (with CONFIG_MEMSIZE actually RW(?)). The APER_0 can be set via the PCI BAR but how is APER_1 set? The MacOS ATI driver just tries to read its value and then can't access the card so apparemtly it's looking for it somewhere else or maybe expects the firmware to map it somewhere first? I'll need to check that more closely eventually.


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