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Re: [Qemu-devel] [PATCH v9 0/2] Add Arm SBSA Reference Machine

From: Peter Maydell
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] [PATCH v9 0/2] Add Arm SBSA Reference Machine
Date: Mon, 1 Jul 2019 15:15:59 +0100

On Sun, 30 Jun 2019 at 11:21, Hongbo Zhang <address@hidden> wrote:
> For the Aarch64, there is one machine 'virt', it is primarily meant to
> run on KVM and execute virtualization workloads, but we need an
> environment as faithful as possible to physical hardware,  to support
> firmware and OS development for pysical Aarch64 machines.
> This machine comes with:
>  - Re-designed memory map.
>  - CPU cortex-a57.
>  - EL2 and EL3 enabled.
>  - GIC version 3.
>  - System bus AHCI controller.
>  - System bus XHCI controller.
>  - CDROM and hard disc on AHCI bus.
>  - E1000E ethernet card on PCIE bus.
>  - VGA display adaptor on PCIE bus.
>  - Only minimal device tree nodes.
> And without:
>  - virtio deivces.
>  - fw_cfg device.
>  - ACPI tables.
> Arm Trusted Firmware and UEFI porting to this are done accordingly, and
> it should supply ACPI tables to load OS, the minimal device tree nodes
> supplied from this platform are only to pass the dynamic info reflecting
> command line input to firmware, not for loading OS.

Hi; this fails "make check" for me. Running the relevant bit of the
test suite standalone:

QTEST_QEMU_BINARY=arm-softmmu/qemu-system-arm QTEST_QEMU_IMG=qemu-img
/arm/qom/integratorcp: OK
/arm/qom/nuri: OK
/arm/qom/mps2-an511: OK
/arm/qom/verdex: OK
/arm/qom/mps2-an505: OK
/arm/qom/ast2500-evb: OK
/arm/qom/smdkc210: OK
/arm/qom/collie: OK
/arm/qom/imx25-pdk: OK
/arm/qom/none: OK
/arm/qom/spitz: OK
/arm/qom/musca-b1: OK
/arm/qom/realview-pbx-a9: OK
/arm/qom/realview-eb: OK
/arm/qom/realview-pb-a8: OK
/arm/qom/versatilepb: OK
/arm/qom/emcraft-sf2: OK
/arm/qom/musicpal: OK
/arm/qom/sbsa-ref: **
assertion failed: (type != NULL)
Broken pipe
kill_qemu() detected QEMU death from signal 6 (Aborted) (core dumped)
Aborted (core dumped)

It looks like the new board model is being added to the
32-bit qemu-system-arm as well as to qemu-system-aarch64.
This seems wrong, since the board will only work with a
64-bit CPU.

-- PMM

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