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Re: [Qemu-devel] [PATCH 3/3] ramfb enhancement

From: Hou Qiming
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] [PATCH 3/3] ramfb enhancement
Date: Fri, 10 May 2019 10:20:05 +0800

> Please format the commit subject with a prefix and do not use the same
> subject for all the pacthes
> in the series, for this patch it can be something like:

I'll resend the patches with improved title lines after other issues are
cleared. Thanks for the advice.

> Will this result in a silent failure? So we need to add something to the
> log?

Based on my experience with OVMF, the "silent failure" only happens when
the firmware is malicious. In the current workflow, the only failure modes
- The firmware does not support ramfb, in which case the patch is never
- The firmware fails to allocate a big framebuffer, in which case it writes
log to the serial and hangs / reboots, likely before reaching the patch

If you insist, I can add a log. I need to ask though, what is the standard
way to change something in [PATCH 1/3]? I've never done it before and there
doesn't seem to be an easy git command for that.

> It is actually a cool feature, changing the resolution following a
> display window
> resize, but sadly is not stable enough. Let's hope it will be fixed

I agree. It's kind of hard to validate everything properly...

Then again, ramfb is not exactly efficient (requiring a full screen
glTexSubImage2D every frame). After the boot screen, I feel it's better to
leave such fancy features to GVT / virtio-gl / ...

> Write an initial resolution to the configuration space on guest reset,
> > which a later BIOS / OVMF patch can take advantage of.
> >
I like the idea of moving the ramfb configuration to the PCI
> configuration space,
> do you think is possible to move all the ramfb configuration there so we
> will
> not need the fw-config file?
> ()

I need to clarify that when I say "configuration space", I mean the
fw-config file. What I did is to initialize that fw-config content to the
resolution specified on the command line instead of all-zeros.

ramfb is not a PCI device and I don't think it's possible to move its
configuration there. Even when it's attached to vfio-pci, it's technically
a separate thing from the guest's POV.

Is this chunk related to this patch? If not, you may want to split it.

Yes. That last chunk lets the user specify an initial resolution without an
EDID when ramfb is created as `-device vfio-pci,ramfb=on`. It can be useful
when debugging GPU passthrough in EFI shell or the Windows Recovery thing
(which shows up in ramfb).


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