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Re: [Qemu-devel] storing machine data in qcow images?

From: Dr. David Alan Gilbert
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] storing machine data in qcow images?
Date: Tue, 5 Jun 2018 10:21:59 +0100
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<reawakening a fizzled out thread>

This seems to have fizzled out because of a lack of a concrete proposal;
so here is one based on a reply to Max's post:

* Max Reitz (address@hidden) wrote:


> The original problem was that you need to supply a machine type to qemu,
> and that multiple common architectures now have multiple machine types
> and not necessarily all work with a single image.  So far so good, but I
> have two issues here already:
> (1) How is qemu supposed to interpret that information?  If it's stored
> in the image file, I don't see a nice way of retrieving it before the
> machine is initialized, at least not with qemu's current architecture.


> (2) Again, I personally just really don't like saving such information
> in a disk image.  One actual argument I can bring up for that distaste
> is this: Suppose, you have multiple images attached to your VM.  Now the
> VM wants to store the machine type.  Where does it go?  Into all of
> them?


> So I think if we decide to store the machine type, that is kind of a
> slippery slope and then there are good arguments for storing even more
> configuration options in the file, too.  But I really, really don't like
> that.


> For another, how do we store the data?  key-value seems wrong if we want
> to store everything.  JSON might be fine.  But eventually we just want
> basically a qemu configuration file in there, I would think (which may
> support JSON at some point?).   So basically we would store the data as
> a binary blob and let the rest of qemu do its thing with it.  But then
> please tell me why I fought so valiantly against storing random bitmaps
> in qcow2 files.  I hate the idea of making qcow2 a random archive
> format.  We have tar for that.


> tl;dr: I really don't get why it's so hard to supply a config file along
> with a qcow2 image.  Is it so hard for people to realize that a VM does
> not only consist of a disk?

Yes! Because in many cases that's all it needs, and it's ready to run
with no unpacking.

I think we should have:

Layer 0:
   QCOW provides a way to store a single string of arbitrary (but
limited?) length.
   QCOW provides a way to replace the string by a new string.
   The original or the new string will be stored after that;
   never some mix.
   Where a file 'b' has a backing file 'a', 'b' inherits the
   string from 'a' unless 'b' has it's own string.
   Snapshots inherit their string from the main unless they have
   their own string.

Layer 1:
   The string shall always be a JSON 'object'; i.e. of the form
    { "something": ... , "more": ... }

   The key strings shall be non-null and non-empty and shall
   be unique.

Layer 2:
   '.'s in the key string shall indicate hierarchy
   Key strings shall be listed in qemu's 

      that shall indicate their meaning and the meaning and
      valid formatting of the value associated with the,

   Key strings shall start with either:
      qemu.   in which case they must be listed in a file in
              the qemu source tree

      a reverse dotted name unique to the submitter, they may
              be listed in the same file in the source tree, e.g.

Layer 3:
   QEMU shall, for a given qcow2 file be able to dump the
   key values.

Layer 4:
   On creating a VM by importing a qcow2, a management layer
   shall inspect the key/values to influence the configuration
   of the VM created.   Where it imports multiple qcow2's it
   shall inspect all the files and flag disagreements.

   Management layers shall, on creating a qcow2 shall set the
   keys based on the VM the qcow2 is created for.  If the qcow2
   is created as an additional disk for an exisitng VM it's
   fine to leave the string empty (e.g. for a data disk).


Some reasoning:
   a) I've avoided the problem of when QEMU interprets the value
      by ignoring it and giving it to management layers at the point
      of VM import.
   b) I hate JSON, but there again nailing down a fixed format
      seems easiest and it makes the job of QCOW easy - a single
      (I would suggest in layer2 that the keys are sorted, but
      that's a pain to do in some json creators)
   c) Forcing the registry of keys might avoid silly duplication.
      We can but hope.
   d) I've not said it's a libvirt XML file since that seems
      a bit prescriptive.

Some initial suggested keys:

   "qemu.machine-types": [ "q35", "i440fx" ]
   "qemu.min-ram-MB": 1024


Dr. David Alan Gilbert / address@hidden / Manchester, UK

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