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[Qemu-devel] [PATCH 20/67] tests: relative include for child directory

From: Michael S. Tsirkin
Subject: [Qemu-devel] [PATCH 20/67] tests: relative include for child directory
Date: Thu, 3 May 2018 22:50:58 +0300

When pulling in headers that are in the child directory of the C file
(as opposed to one in include/), we should use its relative path, with
name of the child directory. Full path including the current directory
works more or less by accident.

Signed-off-by: Michael S. Tsirkin <address@hidden>
 tests/migration-test.c | 2 +-
 tests/pkix_asn1_tab.c  | 2 +-
 2 files changed, 2 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

diff --git a/tests/migration-test.c b/tests/migration-test.c
index 422bf1a..be8d564 100644
--- a/tests/migration-test.c
+++ b/tests/migration-test.c
@@ -80,7 +80,7 @@ static const char *tmpfs;
 /* A simple PC boot sector that modifies memory (1-100MB) quickly
  * outputting a 'B' every so often if it's still running.
-#include "tests/migration/x86-a-b-bootblock.h"
+#include "migration/x86-a-b-bootblock.h"
 static void init_bootfile_x86(const char *bootpath)
diff --git a/tests/pkix_asn1_tab.c b/tests/pkix_asn1_tab.c
index f15fc51..f3bb2c7 100644
--- a/tests/pkix_asn1_tab.c
+++ b/tests/pkix_asn1_tab.c
@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@
 #include "qemu/osdep.h"
-#include "tests/crypto-tls-x509-helpers.h"
+#include "crypto-tls-x509-helpers.h"

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