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[Qemu-devel] [for-2.10 PATCH] spapr_drc: fix realize and unrealize

From: Greg Kurz
Subject: [Qemu-devel] [for-2.10 PATCH] spapr_drc: fix realize and unrealize
Date: Thu, 27 Jul 2017 15:45:47 +0200
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If object_property_add_alias() returns an error in realize(), we should
propagate it to the caller and certainly not unref the DRC.

Same thing goes for unrealize(). Since object_property_del() is the last
call, we can even get rid of the intermediate Error *.

And finally, unrealize() should undo all registrations performed by

Signed-off-by: Greg Kurz <address@hidden>


As agreed on the list, here's the version of the fix for 2.10. I'll respin
my PHB hotplug series on top of it.



 hw/ppc/spapr_drc.c |   15 ++++++---------
 1 file changed, 6 insertions(+), 9 deletions(-)

diff --git a/hw/ppc/spapr_drc.c b/hw/ppc/spapr_drc.c
index 15bae5c216a9..47d94e782ac2 100644
--- a/hw/ppc/spapr_drc.c
+++ b/hw/ppc/spapr_drc.c
@@ -506,11 +506,11 @@ static void realize(DeviceState *d, Error **errp)
     trace_spapr_drc_realize_child(spapr_drc_index(drc), child_name);
     object_property_add_alias(root_container, link_name,
                               drc->owner, child_name, &err);
+    g_free(child_name);
     if (err) {
-        error_report_err(err);
-        object_unref(OBJECT(drc));
+        error_propagate(errp, err);
+        return;
-    g_free(child_name);
     vmstate_register(DEVICE(drc), spapr_drc_index(drc), &vmstate_spapr_drc,
     qemu_register_reset(drc_reset, drc);
@@ -522,16 +522,13 @@ static void unrealize(DeviceState *d, Error **errp)
     sPAPRDRConnector *drc = SPAPR_DR_CONNECTOR(d);
     Object *root_container;
     char name[256];
-    Error *err = NULL;
+    qemu_unregister_reset(drc_reset, drc);
+    vmstate_unregister(DEVICE(drc), &vmstate_spapr_drc, drc);
     root_container = container_get(object_get_root(), DRC_CONTAINER_PATH);
     snprintf(name, sizeof(name), "%x", spapr_drc_index(drc));
-    object_property_del(root_container, name, &err);
-    if (err) {
-        error_report_err(err);
-        object_unref(OBJECT(drc));
-    }
+    object_property_del(root_container, name, errp);
 sPAPRDRConnector *spapr_dr_connector_new(Object *owner, const char *type,

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