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[Qemu-devel] [Bug 1585533] Re: cache-miss-rate / Invalid JSON

From: Marc Brothier
Subject: [Qemu-devel] [Bug 1585533] Re: cache-miss-rate / Invalid JSON
Date: Tue, 31 May 2016 06:10:17 -0000

We tried to migrate a VM, and now we have a new error:

error : virNetClientProgramDispatchError:177 : internal error: info
migration reply was missing return status


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  cache-miss-rate / Invalid JSON

Status in QEMU:

Bug description:

  We have VMs which were started with an older version than qemu 2.1
  which added "cache-miss-rate" property for XBZRLECacheStats. While
  trying to migrate the VM to a new host which is running a higher
  version (2.3) of Qemu we got an exception:

  virJSONValueFromString:1642 : internal error: cannot parse json {"return": 
{"expected-downtime": 1, "xbzrle-cache": {"bytes": 0, "cache-size": 67108864, 
"cache-miss-rate": -nan, "pages": 0, "overflow": 0, "cache-miss": 8933}, 
"status": "active", "disk": {"total": 429496729600, "dirty-sync-count": 0, 
"remaining": 193896382464, "mbps": 0, "transferred": 235600347136, "duplicate": 
0, "dirty-pages-rate": 0, "skipped": 0, "normal-bytes": 0, "normal": 0}, 
"setup-time": 13, "total-time": 1543124, "ram": {"total": 8599183360, 
"dirty-sync-count": 4, "remaining": 30695424, "mbps": 830.636997, 
"transferred": 3100448901, "duplicate": 1358341, "dirty-pages-rate": 7, 
"skipped": 0, "normal-bytes": 3082199040, "normal": 752490}}, "id": 
"libvirt-186200"}: lexical error: malformed number, a digit is required after 
the minus sign.
            67108864, "cache-miss-rate": -nan, "pages": 0, "overflow": 0
                       (right here) ------^

  virNetClientStreamRaiseError:191 : stream aborted at client request

  Would it be possible to improve the JSON parser to skip the key if the value 
is incorrect instead of throwing an exception? Then hopefully qemu 2.3 or 
higher is able to handle the data without this property, falling back to its 

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