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Re: [Qemu-devel] [PULL 00/38] linux-user update

From: Peter Maydell
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] [PULL 00/38] linux-user update
Date: Wed, 25 May 2016 17:33:45 +0100

On 25 May 2016 at 06:27,  <address@hidden> wrote:
> From: Riku Voipio <address@hidden>
> The following changes since commit b0f6ef8915247f3230ffd9b71af9c3dadb6082c7:
>   Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/amit-virtio-rng/tags/rng-2.7-1' into 
> staging (2016-05-24 11:38:22 +0100)
> are available in the git repository at:
>   git://git.linaro.org/people/riku.voipio/qemu.git 
> tags/pull-linux-user-20160525
> for you to fetch changes up to 210a7201d1bd9e25eec01d23edb713f181eabb23:
>   linux-user,target-ppc: fix use of MSR_LE (2016-05-24 15:45:46 +0300)
> ----------------------------------------------------------------
> Linux user update for May 2016

Oops, this doesn't build on non-x86 hosts:

cc -I/home/petmay01/qemu/tcg -I/home/petmay01/qemu/tcg/aarch64
-I/home/petmay01/qemu/build/all-a64/linux-headers -I.
-I/home/petmay01/qemu -I/home/petmay01/qemu/include
-I/home/petmay01/qemu -I. -I/usr/include/pixman-1    -Werror
-Wstrict-prototypes -Wredundant-decls -Wall -Wundef -Wwrite-strings
-Wmissing-prototypes -fno-strict-aliasing -fno-common  -Wendif-labels
-Wmissing-include-dirs -Wempty-body -Wnested-externs -Wformat-security
-Wformat-y2k -Winit-self -Wignored-qualifiers -Wold-style-declaration
-Wold-style-definition -Wtype-limits -fstack-protector-all
-I/usr/include/p11-kit-1     -I/usr/include/libpng12
-I/usr/include/libusb-1.0      -I../linux-headers -I..
-I/home/petmay01/qemu/target-arm -DNEED_CPU_H
-I/home/petmay01/qemu/include -I/home/petmay01/qemu/linux-user/aarch64
-I/home/petmay01/qemu/linux-user -MMD -MP -MT exec.o -MF ./exec.d -O2
-U_FORTIFY_SOURCE -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2 -pthread -I/usr/include/glib-2.0
-I/usr/lib/aarch64-linux-gnu/glib-2.0/include   -g   -c -o exec.o
cc1: error: /home/petmay01/qemu/linux-user/host/aarch64: No such file
or directory [-Werror]

Looks like the C compiler doesn't like nonexistent -I directories.
I thought I'd tested "does this still build without the host-specific
.S file", but I guess I must have had the directory floating around
in my working tree.

I'll sort out a fixup patch tomorrow...

-- PMM

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