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Re: [Qemu-devel] Migration ToDo list (a.k.a. Rant)

From: Hailiang Zhang
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] Migration ToDo list (a.k.a. Rant)
Date: Thu, 5 May 2016 14:19:46 +0800
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Hi Juan,

On 2016/5/4 19:20, Juan Quintela wrote:


I am lots of times asked about what is the ToDo list for migration, that
was on my head, and random notes over my desk, so, trying some
organization (Yes, I would put this in the wiki).

- migration thread on reception
   would make trivial to do other things while receiving, and would make
   postcopy easier also (I was going to put much easier, but postcopy is
   never easy).

- migration capabilities and parameters
   this is a mess.  Not, is worse than that.  I don't know who is to
   blame here, but something needs to be done:

      void qmp_migrate_set_parameters(bool has_compress_level,
                                 int64_t compress_level,
                                 bool has_compress_threads,
                                 int64_t compress_threads,
                                 bool has_decompress_threads,
                                 int64_t decompress_threads,
                                 bool has_x_cpu_throttle_initial,
                                 int64_t x_cpu_throttle_initial,
                                 bool has_x_cpu_throttle_increment,
                                 int64_t x_cpu_throttle_increment,
                                 bool has_multifd_threads,
                                 int64_t multifd_threads,
                                 Error **errp)

     Can we move this to an array of structs, please, pretty please?
     I think that for this one, the blame is on qmp

    but we can continue:


       Not a lot to do until here

       Minor nickpit, if it only allow booleans, "migrate_set_capability 
       should be an equivalent of "migrate_set_capability x-multifd on"

       This three should be claimed obsolete, deprecated, whatever, and
       make it on top of next one


    Now to read the migration information:

        good, but we are missing migrate_speed and migrate_downtime, see
        why I want it be inside migrate_set_parameters

        now, this is ..... weird?  We put here lots of information, and
        this is basically the only way to put information out.  To make
        things more interesting, the values change meaning during
        migration, and the fields it shows change also over time.

- info migrate
   This deserves its own item.  Lets see a typical output

(qemu)info migrate

capabilities: xbzrle: off rdma-pin-all: off auto-converge: off zero-blocks: off 
compress: off events: off postcopy-ram: off x-multifd: on

    Aha, we have the capabilities, but not the parameters.  This is
    historical, I know, but don't belong here.

Migration status: completed
total time: 1621 milliseconds
downtime: 208 milliseconds
setup: 9 milliseconds

transferred ram: 609708 kbytes
    kilo bytes, not pages

throughput: 27.64 mbps
    but we measure bandwidth is megabytes by second
    previous one was kylobytes

remaining ram: 0 kbytes

total ram: 2106180 kbytes
    this amount don't change.  I can understand why it was here.

duplicate: 452528 pages
    name is historical.  It really means pages filled with the same
    characeter.  Althought in practical effects it means zero pages

skipped: 0 pages
    Even I don't remember what this means.
normal: 151064 pages
    This is normal pages that we have sent, i.e. pages that are not zero
    pages nor skipped pages.  Notice that we have put here pages, not
    bytes, not kilobytes, but pages.

normal bytes: 604256 kbytes
    Don't worry, we put for you the same number as kilobytes.

dirty sync count: 11
    Number of iterations over the full ram.  Yes, I know, we are very,
    very bad at naming.

And we still have more optional information that appears if we are doing
block migration, xbzrle, compression, rdma, etc, etc.

We need to decide some units also internal.  Some things are in bytes,
some are in kilobytes, some are in pages.  Some are in host pages, or
guest pages, or who knows :-(

- Block migration (the migration/block.c one).  This is the bastard
   child of migration.  Much less tested, we should make a decision
   about letting it live or deprecating it.  Things needed from memory:
      - functions should return the same values than ram.c
        some functions don't have "exact" values, and return 1 when there
        are more than one block dirty, etc, etc
      - if we continue maintaing it, allowing it to have _some_ shared
        devices and some non shared ones, insntead of everything?

- RDMA: Another step child

   This is really, really weird.  We don't use the normal infrastructure
   for RDMA, we use the ram_control_* stuff.  We should really move to
   use the normal stuff here.

- autoconverge code:  This could be used outside of migration (i.e. just
   to slow down a guess).  We should really do some measurement here to
   see how useful it is for migration.  If the guest is using lots of
   memory dirtying, we end having to throttle the guest 90% or so :-(

- xbzrle.  We only have one cache, we should decide how to work with
   this for multithread/compression.

- When we do migration, we have spaguetti code to decide if:
   * it is a zero page
   * it is a duplicated page
   * it is a xbzrle page
   * it is a compressed page
   And as the code is written, it is not trivial to add new "options".  I
   think that we should "re-think" what combinations are allowed an which
   ones make nosense.

- savevm and migration: they use two different paths for not really good
   reason.  We should really abstract this to a single code path.
   We always forget the savevm one when we do changes.

- error handling.  Every function should return an error.  Every
   function should return an error.

- qemu_get_buffer() don't give one error if there is nothing to read,

- Multipage support: Welcome to the XXI century.  Now almost all
   architectures have HugePages.  And other have different sized pages
   (in PPC is not strange that page size of host and guest differ).  We
   have work to do here.  For starters, sending Huge pages as one chunk
   will make TransparentHugePages happier.

- Bitmaps.  Related with previous one.  We should really be better about
   walking them and about synchronising them between qemu/kernel.

- COLO: We need to integrate it.

As you mentioned COLO here, would you please help review this series ?
Dave has reviewed most of them, and we hope you could give some feedbacks on
it. Any comments are welcome. :)


I will continue the rant at some other point O:-)  Just now I need to
left for the bar.

Thanks for your attention, Juan.

PD.  I just looked while I wrote this to the channel code from Daniel, a
step on the right direction.


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