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[Qemu-devel] mac development? cannot step with gdb

From: Christopher Friedt
Subject: [Qemu-devel] mac development? cannot step with gdb
Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2016 14:45:10 -0400

Hi list,

I'm trying to implement some features in vmware_vga.c, so that I can
use a more recent vgabios-vmware.bin. My environment is Mac El Capitan
using clang and gdb. Perhaps using clang & gdb is my fatal flaw, but
I'm just not accustomed to using lldb yet.

Are there any others who primarily develop Qemu on a Mac? If so, what
debug environment are you using?

In any case, the specific issue I'm running into is this: Although
Qemu builds and runs well, and I can step through all parts of a
simple (or not simple)  'hello world' application, I am unable to step
through vmsvga_init() or any other function inside vmware_vga.c . I
can set a breakpoint and stop in those functions, but can't _step_
through any actual code. I wonder if that's the result of Mac + static
function + barf() or something..

Thread 1 hit Breakpoint 1, 0x0000000100217d14 in vmsvga_init ()
(gdb) s
Single stepping until exit from function vmsvga_init,
which has no line number information.
0x0000000100217b52 in pci_vmsvga_realize ()

Many devs on the list are undoubtedly familiar with the history of Mac
related debugging troubles..

Oh, the evil, fruity, walled-garden!!

I guess I may as well just try out lldb.


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