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[Qemu-devel] [PATCH v6 0/4] NVDIMM ACPI: introduce the framework of QEMU

From: Xiao Guangrong
Subject: [Qemu-devel] [PATCH v6 0/4] NVDIMM ACPI: introduce the framework of QEMU emulated DSM
Date: Sat, 5 Mar 2016 00:00:31 +0800

This patchset is against commit f6547bcd9a1b6 (fw-cfg: support writeable
blobs) on pci branch of Michael's git tree and can be found at:
      https://github.com/xiaogr/qemu.git nvdimm-acpi-v6

Michael, two suggestions from you was not followed in this version,
one is using ssdt->buf->len to indicate the payload of SSDT and another
is dropping extra () when we build ARG3. I have replied it in the old
thread to explain why we can not.

Sorry again for i did not spot it when i reply your mail in the first

Changelog in v6:
This version addresses the comments from Michael:
- move the comments belong near field in AcpiNVDIMMState
- improve the comment to explain why HDLE is set to 0 for all the devices
- fix some coding styles and improve other comments
- drop the _CRS as it is not designed for reserved memory

Changelog in v5:
Thanks to Michael's review, the changes in this version are:
- use nvdimm_debug() instead of fprintf() on the path triggered by read
  access of IO port
- introduce the data struct to represent output information to drop the
- improve the comment to better explain the fact that currently no function
  other than function 0 is supported

Changelog in v4:
- drop the unnecessary assert() in aml_concatenate() based on Igor's
- introduce build_append_named_dword() and use it to simplify the code as
  Michael's suggestion

Changelog in v3:
Changes addressing Michael's comment:
- rebase the patchset against current code

Changes addressing Igor's comment:
- rename the parameters of aml_create_field() to reflect the ACPI spec
- fix the issue that the @target operand can not be optional in
  aml_concatenate() that is also cleaned up by using build_opcode_2arg_dst()

- separate the test patches to the single set and will be posted on later 
These changes are based on Igor's comments:
- drop ssdt.rev2 support as the memory address allocated by BIOS/OVMF
  are always 32 bits
- support to test NVDIMM tables (NFIT and NVDIMM SSDT)
- add _CRS to report its operation region
- make AML APIs change be the separated patches

This is the second part of vNVDIMM implementation which implements the
BIOS patched dsm memory and introduces the framework that allows QEMU
to emulate DSM method

Thanks to Michael's idea, we do not reserve any memory for NVDIMM ACPI,
instead we let BIOS allocate the memory and patch the address to the
offset we want

IO port is still enabled as it plays as the way to notify QEMU and pass
the patched dsm memory address, so that IO port region, 0x0a18 - 0xa20,
is reserved and it is divided into two 32 bits ports and used to pass
the low 32 bits and high 32 bits of dsm memory address to QEMU

Thanks Igor's idea, this patchset also extends DSDT/SSDT to revision 2
to apply 64 bit operations, in order to keeping compatibility, old
version (<= 2.5) still uses revision 1. Since 64 bit operations breaks
old guests (such as windows XP), we should keep the 64 bits stuff in
the private place where common ACPI operation does not touch it

Xiao Guangrong (4):
  nvdimm acpi: initialize the resource used by NVDIMM ACPI
  nvdimm acpi: introduce patched dsm memory
  nvdimm acpi: let qemu handle _DSM method
  nvdimm acpi: emulate dsm method

 hw/acpi/Makefile.objs   |   2 +-
 hw/acpi/nvdimm.c        | 231 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++--
 hw/i386/acpi-build.c    |  10 +--
 hw/i386/pc.c            |   6 +-
 hw/i386/pc_piix.c       |   5 ++
 hw/i386/pc_q35.c        |   8 +-
 include/hw/i386/pc.h    |   4 +-
 include/hw/mem/nvdimm.h |  32 ++++++-
 8 files changed, 274 insertions(+), 24 deletions(-)


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