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[Qemu-devel] [PATCH 1/7] ipxe: update from 35c53797 to 24112d9 (upstream

From: Gerd Hoffmann
Subject: [Qemu-devel] [PATCH 1/7] ipxe: update from 35c53797 to 24112d9 (upstream/master)
Date: Wed, 15 Jul 2015 12:10:01 +0200

git shortlog

Alex Williamson (1):
      [dhcp] Extract timing parameters out to config/dhcp.h

Bernd Wiebelt (1):
      [tg3] Add support for BCM57766

Christian Hesse (3):
      [intel] Add PCI device IDs for Intel I218-LM and I218-V
      [build] Add missing "const" qualifiers
      [ath9k] Remove confusing logic inversion in an ANI variable

Ed Swierk (1):
      [intel] Update PCI device IDs for Intel 82599 and X540 10G NICs

Laszlo Ersek (1):
      [virtio] Downgrade per-iobuf debug messages to DBGC2

Michael Brown (228):
      [device] Provide a driver-private data field for root devices
      [iobuf] Add iob_split() to split an I/O buffer into portions
      [rndis] Add generic RNDIS device abstraction
      [hyperv] Add support for Hyper-V hypervisor
      [hyperv] Add support for VMBus devices
      [hyperv] Add support for NetVSC paravirtual network devices
      [rndis] Send RNDIS_INITIALISE_MSG
      [rndis] Send RNDIS_HALT_MSG
      [hyperv] Tear down NetVSC RX buffer GPADL after closing VMBus device
      [rndis] Clear receive filter when closing the device
      [hyperv] Receive all VMBus messages in a poll
      [hyperv] Increase TX ring size
      [hyperv] Assume that VMBus xfer page ranges correspond to RNDIS messages
      [rndis] Ignore start-of-day RNDIS_INDICATE_STATUS_MSG with status 
      [hyperv] Tidy up debug output
      [hyperv] Require support for VMBus version 3.0 or newer
      [build] Include Hyper-V driver in the all-drivers build
      [pci] Allow drivers to specify a PCI class
      [romprefix] Ensure UNDI loader can be included by all ROM types
      [usb] Add basic support for USB devices
      [usb] Add basic support for USB hubs
      [usb] Add support for xHCI host controllers
      [ncm] Add support for CDC-NCM USB Ethernet devices
      [usb] Report xHCI host controller events
      [ncm] Use large multi-packet buffers by default
      [tftp] Explicitly abort connection whenever parent interface is closed
      [uri] Allow tftp_uri() to construct a URI with a custom port
      [pxe] Use tftp_uri() to construct PXE TFTP URIs
      [pxe] Maintain a queue for received PXE UDP packets
      [ncm] Reserve headroom in received packets
      [usb] Try multiple USB device configurations
      [usb] Handle CDC union functional descriptors
      [usb] Parse endpoint descriptor bInterval field
      [usb] Allow usb_stream() to enforce a terminating short packet
      [ecm] Add support for CDC-ECM USB Ethernet devices
      [xhci] Delay after (possibly) forcing port link state to RxDetect
      [build] Move branding information to config/branding.h
      [build] Use PRODUCT_SHORT_NAME for end-user visible strings
      [build] Allow product URI to be customised via config/branding.h
      [build] Allow error message URI to be customised via config/branding.h
      [build] Allow command help text URI to be customised via config/branding.h
      [build] Allow setting help text URI to be customised via config/branding.h
      [build] Allow product tag line to be customised via config/branding.h
      [rndis] Add rndis_rx_err()
      [usb] Handle port status changes received after failing to find a driver
      [efi] Disallow R_X86_64_32 relocations
      [build] Apply the "-fno-PIE -nopie" workaround only to i386 builds
      [usb] Provide generic framework for refilling receive endpoints
      [usb] Use generic refill framework for USB hub interrupt endpoints
      [ecm] Use generic refill framework for bulk IN and interrupt endpoints
      [ncm] Use generic refill framework for bulk IN and interrupt endpoints
      [libc] Remove unused string functions
      [libc] Rewrite string functions
      [test] Add self-tests for more string functions
      [test] Add constant-length memset() self-tests
      [libc] Reduce size of memset()
      [usb] Add generic USB network device framework
      [ecm] Use generic USB network device framework
      [ncm] Use generic USB network device framework
      [timer] Rewrite the 8254 Programmable Interval Timer support
      [xhci] Leak memory if controller fails to disable slot
      [xhci] Abort commands on timeout
      [test] Add IPv4 self-tests
      [legal] Add missing copyright header to net/ipv4.c
      [ipv4] Rewrite inet_aton()
      [libc] Rewrite strtoul()
      [hyperv] Check for required features
      [prefix] Use .bss16 as temporary stack space for calls to install_block
      [zbin] Use LZMA compression
      [zbin] Perform extra normalisation after completing decompression
      [prefix] Call decompressor in flat real mode when DEBUG=libprefix is 
      [zbin] Allow decompressor to generate debug output via BIOS console
      [zbin] Fix check for existence of most recent output byte
      [zbin] Remove now-unused unnrv2b.S decompressor
      [legal] Update GPLv2 licence text
      [legal] Include full licence text for all GPL2_OR_LATER files
      [mucurses] Add missing FILE_LICENCE declarations
      [legal] Add support for the Unmodified Binary Distribution Licence
      [legal] Add UBDL relicensing tool
      [legal] Relicense files under GPL2_OR_LATER_OR_UBDL
      [legal] Relicense files under GPL2_OR_LATER_OR_UBDL
      [legal] Relicense files under GPL2_OR_LATER_OR_UBDL
      [legal] Relicense files under GPL2_OR_LATER_OR_UBDL
      [libc] Rewrite unrelicensable portions of stddef.h
      [libc] Rewrite unrelicensable portions of ctype.h
      [libc] Rewrite setjmp() and longjmp()
      [libc] Rewrite byte-swapping code
      [elf] Rewrite ELF header
      [list] Relicense list.h
      [iscsi] Rewrite unrelicensable portions of iscsi.c
      [pci] Remove outdated and mostly-unused pci_ids.h file
      [pci] Rewrite unrelicensable portions of pci.h
      [settings] Use list_first_entry() when unregistering child settings
      [settings] Rewrite unrelicensable portions of settings.c
      [menu] Abstract out the generic concept of a jump scroller
      [settings] Use generic jump scrolling abstraction
      [malloc] Move valgrind headers out of arch/x86
      [malloc] Rewrite unrelicensable portions of malloc.c
      [build] Remove unused IMPORT_SYMBOL() and EXPORT_SYMBOL() macros
      [build] Remove unused __keepme macro
      [pxe] Remove obsolete references to pxeparent_dhcp
      [build] Remove obsolete and unused portions of config.c
      [build] Use REQUIRE_OBJECT() to drag in per-object configuration
      [build] Fix the REQUIRE_SYMBOL mechanism
      [i386] Move real_to_user() to realmode.h
      [linux] Rewrite headers included in all builds
      [retry] Rewrite unrelicensable portions of retry.c
      [retry] Colourise debug output
      [legal] Relicense files under GPL2_OR_LATER_OR_UBDL
      [xhci] Enable USB3 ports on Intel PCH8/PCH9 controllers
      [xhci] Undo PCH-specific quirk fixes when removing device
      [xen] Set the "feature-rx-notify" flag for netfront devices
      [http] Abstract out HTTP Digest hash algorithm operations
      [http] Support MD5-sess Digest authentication
      [dm96xx] Add driver for Davicom DM96xx USB Ethernet NICs
      [legal] Relicense Davicom DM96xx drivers
      [mii] Add generic mii_check_link() function
      [smsc75xx] Add driver for SMSC/Microchip LAN75xx USB Ethernet NICs
      [legal] Relicense files under GPL2_OR_LATER_OR_UBDL
      [tcp] Implement support for TCP Selective Acknowledgements (SACK)
      [smsc75xx] Move RX FIFO overflow message to DBGLVL_EXTRA
      [tcpip] Fix dubious calculation of min_port
      [libc] Add ffs(), ffsl(), and ffsll()
      [usb] Add the concept of a USB bus maximum transfer size
      [ncm] Respect maximum transfer size of the bus
      [usb] Add functions for manual device address assignment
      [xhci] Forcibly disable SMIs if BIOS fails to release ownership
      [autoboot] Match against parent devices when matching by bus type and 
      [usb] Add config/usb.h for USB configuration options
      [xhci] Do not release ownership back to BIOS when booting an OS
      [ehci] Add support for EHCI host controllers
      [netdevice] Add missing bus types to netdev_fetch_bustype()
      [usb] Fix USB timeouts to match specification
      [libprefix] Fix building on 64-bit FreeBSD 8.4
      [xhci] Ring doorbell as part of endpoint reset
      [usb] Reset endpoints without waiting for a new transfer to be enqueued
      [usb] Add clear_tt() hub method to clear transaction translator buffer
      [usb] Clear transaction translator buffers when applicable
      [ehci] Support USB1 devices attached via transaction translators
      [usb] Improve debug messages for failed control transactions
      [xhci] Support USB1 devices attached via transaction translators
      [libc] Fix typo in longjmp()
      [libc] Add x86_64 versions of setjmp() and longjmp()
      [test] Add setjmp()/longjmp() self-tests
      [test] Simplify digest algorithm self-tests
      [crypto] Add SHA-224 algorithm
      [crypto] Add SHA-512 algorithm
      [crypto] Add SHA-384 algorithm
      [crypto] Add SHA-512/256 algorithm
      [crypto] Add SHA-512/224 algorithm
      [efi] Ensure drivers are disconnected when ExitBootServices() is called
      [peerdist] Add support for decoding PeerDist Content Information
      [xhci] Always reset root hub ports
      [romprefix] Allow autoboot device filter to be disabled
      [util] Add ability to dump PCI device ID list
      [efi] Add EFI entropy source
      [efi] Add EFI time source
      [efi] Provide a dummy data block in nii_initialise()
      [efi] Poll media status only if advertised as supported
      [efi] Poll for TX completions only when there is an outstanding TX buffer
      [efi] Use the EFI_RNG_PROTOCOL as an entropy source if available
      [eepro100] Remove duplicate PCI_ROM() line
      [prism2] Remove duplicate PCI_ROM() lines
      [build] Allow building PCI ROMs with device ID lists
      [build] Fix compiler warning on OpenBSD 5.7
      [build] Work around binutils quirk on OpenBSD 5.7
      [build] Use a single call to parserom.pl to speed up building
      [intel] Report any unexpected interrupt causes
      [intel] Force RX polling on VMware emulated 82545em
      [realtek] Do not attempt to access EEPROM on RTL8169 chips
      [rtl818x] Obviate RTL_ROM() hack
      [build] Construct all-drivers list based on driver class
      [test] Include IPv6 support when performing settings self-tests
      [base16] Add buffer size parameter to base16_encode() and base16_decode()
      [base64] Add buffer size parameter to base64_encode() and base64_decode()
      [settings] Add "base64" setting type
      [vram] Add "vram" built-in setting to dump video RAM
      [usb] Include setup packet within I/O buffer for message transfers
      [pci] Provide PCI_CLASS() to calculate a scalar PCI class value
      [usb] Detect missed disconnections
      [usb] Maintain a list of all USB buses
      [usb] Maintain single lists of halted endpoints and changed ports
      [ehci] Poll child companion controllers after disowning port
      [usb] Add find_usb_bus_by_location() helper function
      [ehci] Allow UHCI/OHCI controllers to locate the EHCI companion controller
      [uhci] Add support for UHCI host controllers
      [usb] Provide usb_endpoint_name() for use by host controller drivers
      [xhci] Use meaningful device names in debug messages
      [ehci] Use meaningful device names in debug messages
      [uhci] Use meaningful device names in debug messages
      [ipv6] Disambiguate received ICMPv6 errors
      [usb] Add USB_INTERRUPT_OUT internal type
      [usb] Add generic USB human interface device (HID) framework
      [usb] Add basic support for USB keyboards
      [usb] Do not call usb_hotplug() when registering a new hub
      [usb] Always clear recorded disconnections after performing hotplug 
      [intel] Expose intel_diag() for use by other Intel NIC drivers
      [intel] Allow for the use of advanced TX descriptors
      [intel] Add support for mailbox used by virtual functions
      [intel] Add intelxvf driver for Intel 10 GigE virtual function NICs
      [int13con] Add basic ability to log to a local disk via INT 13
      [intel] Add intelxvf_stats() to dump packet statistics registers
      [intel] Fix operation when physical function has jumbo frames enabled
      [neighbour] Return success when deferring a packet
      [xhci] Fix length of allocated slot array
      [build] Fix .ids.o creation for drivers not in the all-drivers build
      [xhci] Fix comparison of signed and unsigned integers
      [ipoib] Fix REMAC cache discarder
      [xhci] Record device-specific quirks in xHCI device structure
      [xhci] Ignore invalid protocol speed ID values on Intel Skylake platforms
      [pci] Use flat real mode to call INT 1a,b101
      [tcp] Do not shrink window when discarding received packets
      [mromprefix] Report a dummy size at offset 0x02 of .mrom payload
      [ethernet] Add minimal support for receiving LLC frames
      [netdevice] Add a generic concept of a "blocked link"
      [stp] Add support for detecting Spanning Tree Protocol non-forwarding 
      [stp] Fix interpretaton of hello time
      [dhcp] Defer discovery if link is blocked
      [pxe] Always reconstruct packet for PXENV_GET_CACHED_INFO
      [serial] Add general abstraction of a 16550-compatible UART
      [gdb] Use new UART abstraction in GDB serial transport
      [serial] Use new UART abstraction in serial console driver
      [ipoib] Mark REMAC cache as expensive
      [ipoib] Attempt to generate ARPs as needed to repopulate REMAC cache
      [gdb] Allow gdbstub to be started on an arbitrary serial port
      [xen] Wait for and clear XenStore event before receiving data
      [tcp] Gracefully close connections during shutdown
      [ipoib] Transmit multicast packets as broadcasts

Olaf Hering (1):
      [build] Sort objects in blib.a

Robin Smidsrød (2):
      [vbox] Enable some more features now that we have LZMA compression
      [build] Rewrite parserom.pl to support multiple source files

Thomas Miletich (1):
      [intel] Add PCI ID for I218-LM

Wissam Shoukair (1):
      [comboot] Implement INT22,0x000c

Signed-off-by: Gerd Hoffmann <address@hidden>
 roms/ipxe | 2 +-
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/roms/ipxe b/roms/ipxe
index 35c5379..24112d9 160000
--- a/roms/ipxe
+++ b/roms/ipxe
@@ -1 +1 @@
-Subproject commit 35c5379760aa1fea5e38f7a78b090f92bb7813ee
+Subproject commit 24112d91a0ab4c29794bc7750cbfc4166bc9026a

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