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[Qemu-devel] [RFC v3 0/2] use sizes.h macros for power-of-two sizes

From: Antony Pavlov
Subject: [Qemu-devel] [RFC v3 0/2] use sizes.h macros for power-of-two sizes
Date: Fri, 13 Sep 2013 11:33:24 +0400

Changes since v2:
 * commit messages: drop ALL 'Reviewed-by' tags.
 Drop Aurelien Jarno's tag because the patchseries
 was completely reworked, so it need additional review.

Changes since v1:

 * include/sizes.h -> include/qemu/sizes.h
 * fix copyright header;
 * fix formatting: drop tabs;
 * use the BIT() macro, so it's easy-to-read the constants column;
 also the BIT() macro casts constant to UL;
 * rebase on updated master;
 * take into account the "mips_malta: support up to 2GiB RAM" commit.

[RFC v3 1/2] include/qemu: introduce sizes.h
[RFC v3 2/2] hw/mips: use sizes.h macros

The sizes.h macros is a easy-to-read method of
power-of-two memory sizes representation. The sizes.h
macros are actively used in linux kernel and other
projects, so let's use them in QEMU too.

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