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[Qemu-devel] [PULL 4/5] trace-events: Drop unused events

From: Stefan Hajnoczi
Subject: [Qemu-devel] [PULL 4/5] trace-events: Drop unused events
Date: Thu, 18 Jul 2013 11:49:28 +0800

From: Markus Armbruster <address@hidden>

Dropped event                           Unused since
mirror_cow                              884fea4
paio_complete                           47e6b25
paio_cancel                             47e6b25
usb_ehci_data                           0ce668b
megasas_qf_dequeue                      never used
megasas_handle_frame                    never used
megasas_io_continue                     never used
megasas_iovec_map_failed                never used
megasas_dcmd_map_failed                 never used
milkymist_softusb_mouse_event           4c15ba9
xen_map_block                           6506e4f
xen_unmap_block                         6506e4f
qemu_spice_start                        67be672
qemu_spice_stop                         67be672

Signed-off-by: Markus Armbruster <address@hidden>
Signed-off-by: Stefan Hajnoczi <address@hidden>
 trace-events | 14 --------------
 1 file changed, 14 deletions(-)

diff --git a/trace-events b/trace-events
index 7f6d962..cc21258 100644
--- a/trace-events
+++ b/trace-events
@@ -85,7 +85,6 @@ mirror_before_flush(void *s) "s %p"
 mirror_before_drain(void *s, int64_t cnt) "s %p dirty count %"PRId64
 mirror_before_sleep(void *s, int64_t cnt, int synced) "s %p dirty count 
%"PRId64" synced %d"
 mirror_one_iteration(void *s, int64_t sector_num, int nb_sectors) "s %p 
sector_num %"PRId64" nb_sectors %d"
-mirror_cow(void *s, int64_t sector_num) "s %p sector_num %"PRId64
 mirror_iteration_done(void *s, int64_t sector_num, int nb_sectors, int ret) "s 
%p sector_num %"PRId64" nb_sectors %d ret %d"
 mirror_yield(void *s, int64_t cnt, int buf_free_count, int in_flight) "s %p 
dirty count %"PRId64" free buffers %d in_flight %d"
 mirror_yield_in_flight(void *s, int64_t sector_num, int in_flight) "s %p 
sector_num %"PRId64" in_flight %d"
@@ -130,8 +129,6 @@ thread_pool_cancel(void *req, void *opaque) "req %p opaque 
 # posix-aio-compat.c
 paio_submit(void *acb, void *opaque, int64_t sector_num, int nb_sectors, int 
type) "acb %p opaque %p sector_num %"PRId64" nb_sectors %d type %d"
-paio_complete(void *acb, void *opaque, int ret) "acb %p opaque %p ret %d"
-paio_cancel(void *acb, void *opaque) "acb %p opaque %p"
 # ioport.c
 cpu_in(unsigned int addr, unsigned int val) "addr %#x value %u"
@@ -311,7 +308,6 @@ usb_ehci_sitd(uint32_t addr, uint32_t nxt, uint32_t active) 
"ITD @ %08x: next %0
 usb_ehci_port_attach(uint32_t port, const char *owner, const char *device) 
"attach port #%d, owner %s, device %s"
 usb_ehci_port_detach(uint32_t port, const char *owner) "detach port #%d, owner 
 usb_ehci_port_reset(uint32_t port, int enable) "reset port #%d - %d"
-usb_ehci_data(int rw, uint32_t cpage, uint32_t offset, uint32_t addr, uint32_t 
len, uint32_t bufpos) "write %d, cpage %d, offset 0x%03x, addr 0x%08x, len %d, 
bufpos %d"
 usb_ehci_queue_action(void *q, const char *action) "q %p: %s"
 usb_ehci_packet_action(void *q, void *p, const char *action) "q %p p %p: %s"
 usb_ehci_irq(uint32_t level, uint32_t frindex, uint32_t sts, uint32_t mask) 
"level %d, frindex 0x%04x, sts 0x%x, mask 0x%x"
@@ -617,11 +613,9 @@ megasas_qf_new(unsigned int index, void *cmd) "return new 
frame %x cmd %p"
 megasas_qf_failed(unsigned long pa) "all frames busy for frame %lx"
 megasas_qf_enqueue(unsigned int index, unsigned int count, uint64_t context, 
unsigned int tail, int busy) "enqueue frame %x count %d context %" PRIx64 " 
tail %x busy %d"
 megasas_qf_update(unsigned int head, unsigned int busy) "update reply queue 
head %x busy %d"
-megasas_qf_dequeue(unsigned int index) "dequeue frame %x"
 megasas_qf_map_failed(int cmd, unsigned long frame) "scmd %d: frame %lu"
 megasas_qf_complete_noirq(uint64_t context) "context %" PRIx64 " "
 megasas_qf_complete(uint64_t context, unsigned int tail, unsigned int offset, 
int busy, unsigned int doorbell) "context %" PRIx64 " tail %x offset %d busy %d 
doorbell %x"
-megasas_handle_frame(const char *cmd, uint64_t addr, uint64_t context, 
uint32_t count) "MFI cmd %s addr %" PRIx64 " context %" PRIx64 " count %d"
 megasas_frame_busy(uint64_t addr) "frame %" PRIx64 " busy"
 megasas_unhandled_frame_cmd(int cmd, uint8_t frame_cmd) "scmd %d: Unhandled 
MFI cmd %x"
 megasas_handle_scsi(const char *frame, int bus, int dev, int lun, void *sdev, 
unsigned long size) "%s dev %x/%x/%x sdev %p xfer %lu"
@@ -644,8 +638,6 @@ megasas_io_write_start(int cmd, unsigned long lba, unsigned 
long count, unsigned
 megasas_io_complete(int cmd, uint32_t len) "scmd %d: %d bytes completed"
 megasas_io_read(int cmd, int bytes, int len, unsigned long offset) "scmd %d: 
%d/%d bytes, iov offset %lu"
 megasas_io_write(int cmd, int bytes, int len, unsigned long offset) "scmd %d: 
%d/%d bytes, iov offset %lu"
-megasas_io_continue(int cmd, int bytes) "scmd %d: %d bytes left"
-megasas_iovec_map_failed(int cmd, int index, unsigned long iov_size) "scmd %d: 
iovec %d size %lu"
 megasas_iovec_sgl_overflow(int cmd, int index, int limit) "scmd %d: iovec 
count %d limit %d"
 megasas_iovec_sgl_underflow(int cmd, int index) "scmd %d: iovec count %d"
 megasas_iovec_sgl_invalid(int cmd, int index, uint64_t pa, uint32_t len) "scmd 
%d: element %d pa %" PRIx64 " len %u"
@@ -660,7 +652,6 @@ megasas_dcmd_internal_invalid(int cmd, int opcode) "scmd 
%d: Invalid internal DC
 megasas_dcmd_unhandled(int cmd, int opcode, int len) "scmd %d: opcode %x, len 
 megasas_dcmd_zero_sge(int cmd) "scmd %d: zero DCMD sge count"
 megasas_dcmd_invalid_sge(int cmd, int count) "scmd %d: invalid DCMD sge count 
-megasas_dcmd_map_failed(int cmd) "scmd %d: Failed to map DCMD buffer"
 megasas_dcmd_invalid_xfer_len(int cmd, unsigned long size, unsigned long max) 
"scmd %d: invalid xfer len %ld, max %ld"
 megasas_dcmd_enter(int cmd, const char *dcmd, int len) "scmd %d: DCMD %s len 
 megasas_dcmd_dummy(int cmd, unsigned long size) "scmd %d: DCMD dummy xfer len 
@@ -730,7 +721,6 @@ milkymist_softusb_memory_read(uint32_t addr, uint32_t 
value) "addr %08x value %0
 milkymist_softusb_memory_write(uint32_t addr, uint32_t value) "addr %08x value 
 milkymist_softusb_mevt(uint8_t m) "m %d"
 milkymist_softusb_kevt(uint8_t m) "m %d"
-milkymist_softusb_mouse_event(int dx, int dy, int dz, int bs) "dx %d dy %d dz 
%d bs %02x"
 milkymist_softusb_pulse_irq(void) "Pulse IRQ"
 # hw/milkymist-sysctl.c
@@ -818,8 +808,6 @@ xen_client_set_memory(uint64_t start_addr, unsigned long 
size, bool log_dirty) "
 xen_map_cache(uint64_t phys_addr) "want %#"PRIx64
 xen_remap_bucket(uint64_t index) "index %#"PRIx64
 xen_map_cache_return(void* ptr) "%p"
-xen_map_block(uint64_t phys_addr, uint64_t size) "%#"PRIx64", size %#"PRIx64
-xen_unmap_block(void* addr, unsigned long size) "%p, size %#lx"
 # hw/xen_platform.c
 xen_platform_log(char *s) "xen platform: %s"
@@ -1081,8 +1069,6 @@ qemu_spice_del_memslot(int qid, uint32_t gid, uint32_t 
slot_id) "%d gid=%u sid=%
 qemu_spice_create_primary_surface(int qid, uint32_t sid, void *surface, int 
async) "%d sid=%u surface=%p async=%d"
 qemu_spice_destroy_primary_surface(int qid, uint32_t sid, int async) "%d 
sid=%u async=%d"
 qemu_spice_wakeup(uint32_t qid) "%d"
-qemu_spice_start(uint32_t qid) "%d"
-qemu_spice_stop(uint32_t qid) "%d"
 qemu_spice_create_update(uint32_t left, uint32_t right, uint32_t top, uint32_t 
bottom) "lr %d -> %d,  tb -> %d -> %d"
 qxl_spice_destroy_surfaces_complete(int qid) "%d"
 qxl_spice_destroy_surfaces(int qid, int async) "%d async=%d"

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