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[Qemu-devel] [Bug 1201446] Re: Instructions not supported by targeted CP

From: Jonathan Morton
Subject: [Qemu-devel] [Bug 1201446] Re: Instructions not supported by targeted CPU do not throw SIGILL
Date: Mon, 15 Jul 2013 18:49:58 -0000

Yes, that seems to work nicely, at least as far as CMOV itself is

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  Instructions not supported by targeted CPU do not throw SIGILL

Status in QEMU:

Bug description:
  We encountered a bug in another package that caused it to include CMOV
  instructions when targetting i486, resulting in an inability to run
  the package on real i486 and i586 hardware.  We then attempted to use
  QEMU to reproduce the bug for easier debugging, since most developers
  have long since got rid of such old hardware.

  QEMU appears to continue to support *all* instructions when -cpu=486
  is selected, regardless of what is advertised in CPUID to the guest.
  CPUID describes the host environment as a reasonably close
  approximation to a late-model i486, with very few instruction
  extensions - specifically excluding CMOV, which on real hardware is an
  optional extension to the i686 architecture.

  The result was that we could not reproduce the bug using QEMU, and
  must therefore attempt to debug it using a very limited stock of real
  hardware, which also has very limited performance for rebuilding the
  package.  This completely defeats one of the main uses of QEMU, in our

  If this bug extends to other CPU architectures, it would affect all
  developers wishing to check whether their code conforms to
  restrictions imposed by any older or more restrictive ISA
  specification than the latest that QEMU supports, including the
  distinctions between ARMv7-A-NEON, ARMv7-A-VFPv3, ARMv7-A-VFPv3-d16,
  ARMv7-R, ARMv7-M, ARMv6-VFPv2, ARMv5-TE, ARMv4-T...  all of which are
  currently shipping in new devices.

  Attached is a small C program which can easily be compiled to include
  CMOV instructions.  It can be used to reproduce the bug:

  $ gcc -march=i486 -O2 -c minmax.c -o minmax
  $ ./minmax
  No arguments!
  $ ./minmax 5 6 7
  max: 7  min: 5
  $ gcc -march=pentium2 -O2 -c minmax.c -o minmax-p2
  $ ./minmax-p2
  No arguments!
  $ ./minmax-p2 5 6 7
  [Expected, occurs on real i4/586 hardware:] Illegal instruction
  [Actual, within QEMU v1.2.0 with -cpu=486:] max: 7  min: 5

  The bug is likely not limited to CMOV, but would also apply to more
  recent ISA extensions - so 3DNow! instructions would appear to run on
  Intel guest CPUs, AVX on a Pentium-2, and other such weirdness.

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