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[Qemu-devel] [RFC 00/11] linux-user: Sort out signal handling for MIPS n

From: Andreas Färber
Subject: [Qemu-devel] [RFC 00/11] linux-user: Sort out signal handling for MIPS n32 and n64
Date: Thu, 29 Dec 2011 16:55:38 +0100


Here's a suggestion for moving forward with mipsn32 and mips64.
For testing add the following to your --target-list:

Patches 1-4 are trivial and hopefully uncontroversial preparations
that can be cherry-picked right away!
The n32 ones are based on a patch by Uli found in openSUSE,
the n64 ones are extracted from Khansa's patch series.

Patch 5 is a bugfix based on a patch by Khansa/Ehsan.

The rest of the patches are in RFC status and attempt to implement
rth's suggestion of sharing signal handling between MIPS ABIs.
Depending on the issue the final patch brings up, even more code
might be shared.


Cc: Riku Voipio <address@hidden>
Cc: Aurelien Jarno <address@hidden>

Cc: Richard Henderson <address@hidden>
Cc: Khansa Butt <address@hidden>
Cc: Ehsan Ul Haq <address@hidden>
Cc: Ulrich Hecht <address@hidden>
Cc: Brendan Kirby <address@hidden>

Cc: Peter Maydell <address@hidden>
Cc: Alexander Graf <address@hidden>

Andreas Färber (11):
  linux-user: Add default-configs for mipsn32[el]
  linux-user: Add default configs for mips64[el]
  linux-user: Define TARGET_QEMU_ESIGRETURN for mipsn32
  linux-user: Define TARGET_QEMU_ESIGRETURN for mips64
  linux-user: Fix sa_flags byte swaps for mips
  linux-user: Unify signal handling for mips
  linux-user: target_sigcontext for mipsn32 and mips64
  linux-user: Share {setup,restore}_sigcontext() for mips ABIs
  linux-user: Setup/restore sc_acx for mips and mipsn32
  linux-user: mipsn32 does not support non-RT signals
  linux-user: Implement signal handling for mipsn32

 default-configs/mips64-linux-user.mak    |    1 +
 default-configs/mips64el-linux-user.mak  |    1 +
 default-configs/mipsn32-linux-user.mak   |    1 +
 default-configs/mipsn32el-linux-user.mak |    1 +
 linux-user/mips64/syscall.h              |    3 +
 linux-user/mipsn32/syscall.h             |    3 +
 linux-user/signal.c                      |  348 +++++++++++++++++++++---------
 7 files changed, 251 insertions(+), 107 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 default-configs/mips64-linux-user.mak
 create mode 100644 default-configs/mips64el-linux-user.mak
 create mode 100644 default-configs/mipsn32-linux-user.mak
 create mode 100644 default-configs/mipsn32el-linux-user.mak


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