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[Qemu-devel] DMA active hw_error

From: Richard Cole
Subject: [Qemu-devel] DMA active hw_error
Date: Mon, 26 Dec 2011 18:26:29 -0800

I'm new to QEMU so this might be a rather naive question but why is
there a hw_error here:


It causes QEMU at least on my machine to abort. It would seem to make
it so the rest of the function will never be executed? That hw_error
(or a cpu_error) line seems have have been there since the file was

Here's the code fragment in case that link doesn't work.

static void pl080_run(pl080_state *s)
    int c;
    int flow;
    pl080_channel *ch;
    int swidth;
    int dwidth;
    int xsize;
    int n;
    int src_id;
    int dest_id;
    int size;
    uint8_t buff[4];
    uint32_t req;

    s->tc_mask = 0;
    for (c = 0; c < s->nchannels; c++) {
        if (s->chan[c].conf & PL080_CCONF_ITC)
            s->tc_mask |= 1 << c;
        if (s->chan[c].conf & PL080_CCONF_IE)
            s->err_mask |= 1 << c;

    if ((s->conf & PL080_CONF_E) == 0)

hw_error("DMA active\n");
    /* If we are already in the middle of a DMA operation then indicate that
       there may be new DMA requests and return immediately.  */
    if (s->running) {



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