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Re: [Qemu-devel] OEM Windows in Qemu

From: Michael Tokarev
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] OEM Windows in Qemu
Date: Thu, 22 Dec 2011 10:36:37 +0400
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On 22.12.2011 08:44, address@hidden wrote:
>> WinXP requires "SLIC version 1.0", which is reduced to just having a string
>> with the name of your OEM in the bios (one possible place is the SLIC table).
>> More recent version of SLIC (2.1 I think) is needed to activate windows7.
> This is the part that is confusing me.  I've read that SLIC 2.0 is
> backward compatible with SLIC 1.0 so XP should activate just fine with a
> working SLIC 2.0.  And your patch does apparently produce a signed SLIC 2.0 

"My patch" does not produce any SLIC at all.  The instructions mentions
using SLIC from your machine - "my patch" is just a way to _embed_ a given
data into VM, not a way to "produce" anything.  You get in your VM what
you have outside, either in a file or in your own BIOS, depending on where
you took that data from.

> But my OEM copy of XP complains about the BIOS produced with your patch.
>  I can only guess there is some critical piece missing that Windows 7
> doesn't care about.

Well.  It should be both - win7 in my case cared about alot more details
than winXP.  But I must admit that I never actually installed oem version
of winXP, -- I used an installed version to verify what it needs, and
found that I can just mention the right string in the BIOS.  Maybe it
is not sufficient for actual "activation" procedure, I dunno.

> I'm guessing this may be significant because the DMI data is different
> in the VM.  Looking at a memory dump of the VM ACPI tables I see several
> RSDT and SLIC shows what we would expect: "OEM ID= DELL" "OEM Table ID =
> M07" "OEM Revision = 27D80202".  In other words all the exported SLIC
> data.  But the other tables show "OEM ID = BOCHS" "OEM Table ID = BXPC"
> "OEM Revision = 00000001"  Maybe Windows XP reads from the "wrong"
> tables?

Yes, the patch only changes RSDT to match SLIC - this is what win7 verifies,
all other tables does not matter for win7.  And yes, it might be different
for winXP - you may try setting all tables in VM to be of DELL OEM and see
what happens.

> I assume Seabios reads all of that from src/config.h is that right?  I
> could just change that data and recompile, but would I need to change
> anything else also?  Would that create maybe some other problems down
> the road?

neither seabios nor qemu/kvm actually use these OEM strings, so there
should be no problems.


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