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Re: [Qemu-devel] [RFC PATCH] vfio: VFIO Driver core framework

From: Stuart Yoder
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] [RFC PATCH] vfio: VFIO Driver core framework
Date: Thu, 1 Dec 2011 14:58:54 -0600

>> The attributes are not intrinsic features of the domain.  User space will
>> need to set them.  But in thinking about it a bit more I think the attributes
>> are more properties of the domain rather than a per map() operation
>> characteristic.  I think a separate API might be appropriate.  Define a
>> new set_domain_attrs() op in the iommu_ops.    In user space, perhaps
>>  a new vfio group API-- VFIO_GROUP_SET_ATTRS,
> In that case, you should definitely be following what Alexey is thinking
> about with an iommu_setup IOMMU API callback.  I think it's shaping up
> to do:
> x86:
>  - Report any IOVA range restrictions imposed by hw implementation
>  - Request IOVA window size, report size and base
> powerpc:
>  - Set domain attributes, probably report range as well.

One other mechanism we need as well is the ability to
enable/disable a domain.

For example-- suppose a device is assigned to a VM, the
device is in use when the VM is abruptly terminated.  The
VM terminate would shut off DMA at the IOMMU, but now
the device is in an indeterminate state.   Some devices
have no simple reset bit and getting the device back into
a sane state could be complicated-- something the hypervisor
doesn't want to do.

So now KVM restarts the VM, vfio init happens for the device
and  the IOMMU for that device is re-configured,
etc, but we really can't re-enable DMA until the guest OS tells us
(via an hcall) that it is ready.   The guest needs to get the
assigned device in a sane state before DMA is enabled.

Does this warrant a new domain enable/disable API, or should
we make this part of the setup API we are discussing


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