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Re: [kvm-devel] [Qemu-devel] PATCH: dont call exit() from pci_nic_init()

From: Ryan Harper
Subject: Re: [kvm-devel] [Qemu-devel] PATCH: dont call exit() from pci_nic_init(), let caller handle
Date: Thu, 20 Mar 2008 08:10:53 -0500
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* Avi Kivity <address@hidden> [2008-03-20 07:19]:
> Ryan Harper wrote:
> > While exploring the PCI hotplug code recently posted, I encountered a
> > situation where I don't believe the current behavior is ideal.  With
> > hotplug, we can add additional pci-based nic devices like e1000 and
> > rtl8139 from the qemu monitor.  If one mistakenly specifies model=ne2000
> > (the ISA version), qemu just exits.  If a command is run from the
> > monitor and specifies bogus values, I don't believe the right behavior
> > is to exit out of the guest entirely.  The attached patch (which doesn't
> > apply directly against qemu-cvs since hotplug hasn't been merged)
> > changes pci_nic_init() to return NULL on error instead of exiting
> > and then I've replaced all callers to check the return value and exit(),
> > preserving the existing behavior, but allowing flexibility so
> > hotplug can do the right thing and just report the error rather than
> > exiting the guest.
> >
> >   
> Applied, thanks.
> [this didn't make it to kvm-devel for some reason?]

Yeah, not sure about that, sometimes it gets clogged in our outgoing
system; they tend to not get along with some servers for unknown reasons
to me.  It has worked in the past for me.  *shrugs*

Ryan Harper
Software Engineer; Linux Technology Center
IBM Corp., Austin, Tx
(512) 838-9253   T/L: 678-9253

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