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[Qemu-devel] Network Issues

From: Chris Brennan
Subject: [Qemu-devel] Network Issues
Date: Sun, 02 Mar 2008 16:31:02 -0500
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For some time now, I have been attempting to get the user-mode
networking stack to work when booting any flavor of FreeBSD's bootonly
ISO for a NetInstall.

I can get qemu to boot just fine. The problem is, I can't get it to
actually connect to the outside world and start the install.

I select the device ed0 and no to ipv6, yes to dhcp and it gets an ip of which is fine, I give it a hostname (fbsd for the sake of ease
in this case) and select 'OK', it does what it needs to to format the
partitions and then it fails saying it can't connect to the ftp mirror.
at first, I thought this may have been a dns issue, so I choose to
select my own mirror and pluged in the IP of the mirror. Still failed.

So I had some light discussion in freenode/#qemu and it was suggested
that there is a patch to fix this known issue. But I am unsure of which
patch is needed and how I would use that when using Portage to install
qemu (if need be, I can make a custom ebuild in an overlay that would
patch the srcs.)

So my point is this, can someone help me by pointing me in the right
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